Balers Efficiently Compact and Reduce Waste Volume

The Wreath Shop’s investment in a Bramidan mill-size cardboard baler improves waste management, avoiding fines, and generating revenue from cardboard. Plus — immediate ROI!
From Challenges


  • Expensive fines for disposing of cardboard in dumpster
  • Too much time spent breaking down boxes
  • Single 6 yard dumpster shared with entire industrial complex
To Benefits


  • Effective waste management
  • Reliable recycling solution
  • Immediate ROI by selling finished bales
With Bramidan

Expanding business meant more cardboard waste

Single 6 yard dumpster shared with entire industrial complex

2020 was a difficult year for many businesses, and while it had its challenges for The Wreath Shop (TWS) in Prosper, Texas, it was also a good year for online craft supplies. Expansion meant more boxes and TWS was unpacking a lot of them. With only a single dumpster serving the large industrial complex they were part of, the shop was being fined for putting what the landlord considered a disproportionate amount of cardboard into the 6 cubic yard dumpster.

The Wreath Shop owner, Sara Jennings was stumped. What was she to do? TWS’s current solution was breaking down boxes and having the owner’s husband haul pallets full in his personal truck to a recycler 45 minutes away. It was time consuming and expensive.

Sara called Bramidan to discuss the best options for her unique situation. After visiting the facility, Bramidan’s representative suggested she may want to consider a larger 60 inch B6030 baler. With a baler that makes full, mill-size finished bales, it would be easier to find a recycler. While she would not be making bales every day, the larger capacity would clear her floor and allow her to grow without having to invest twice.

Finding a recycler to pickup finished bales

Reliable recycling solution

However, finding a recycler who would pick up the bales proved to be a challenge. The Bramidan rep called the local commercial hauler Community Waste Disposal (CWD), only to discover that they would only pick up bales if they were thrown into their dumpster. We could do that with a smaller baler, but it was not the solution we wanted for the growing number of boxes. The Bramidan rep was persistent and called the city manager and found that like much of Texas, Prosper was growing faster than the infrastructure and public policy was. Neither the city nor its waste and recycling franchises were truly prepared to serve the businesses that were adding so quickly.

Drawing on their many relationships with industry leaders, the Bramidan rep found Rick Cardona at International Paper. By stacking larger bales, TWS qualified for IP’s program and is now being paid a very fair price for their 60 inch bales instead of being fined by the landlord. As the area builds up, IP is planning on picking up smaller stacked bales since there are brave companies like TWS who are blazing a bale trail.

Immediate return on investement

Immediate ROI by selling finished bales

TWS’s ROI was immediate. The B6030 baler allows TWS to grow as rapidly or steadily as they want, while managing its waste and recycling with a single machine. Both staff and management are thrilled with their new baler, and Sara is grateful Bramidan went the extra mile to help solve their problem.
I’m thrilled with our baler and grateful Bramidan went the extra mile to help us solve our problem.
Sara Jennings
Owner, The Wreath Shop, Prosper, TX
The Wreath Shop is an online craft supply store based in Prosper, TX.

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