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Connect, Monitor & Analyze Your Equipment with BRA-IN

Maximize your equipment’s potential with our intelligent monitoring solution, BRA-IN. Make faster and better decisions, while reducing operational costs and minimizing environmental impact.

BRA-IN, our machine monitoring solution, offers many benefits. Experience real-time data access, operational status updates, and seamless machine linking. Simplify your workflow with remote support, automated notifications, and detailed reports, all accessible via desktop or app.


How to Get Started with BRA-IN

Our BRA-IN solution requires a connection via modem and an active subscription to collect data and connect with your baler or compactor. This can be integrated on equipment, purchased separately or supplied as a part of your service program.

Notifications and automated services can be activated by the local service team, and data visualized in the BRA-IN webportal.


Update old Equipment with New Technology

BRA-IN Link allows signals from equipment with old control units, such as; compactors, balers, screw compactors and horizontal balers. It can also be installed on various foreign machines, including balers, with functionality varying by age and model.

With a BRA-IN Link you get access to data from older equipment, remote service, and localization of machines via GPS. This means significant savings on service and transports – options that are  normally not available for older equipment.


Which Machines Can Be Connected and How?

Whether you purchase new balers and compactors from us or want to update your existing equipment, BRA-IN has you covered. Once connected and with an active subscription, you’ll have access to the BRA-IN Webportal, providing valuable data for your waste management operations.


Bramidan Intelligence monitoring soulution

What is BRA-IN?

BRA-IN, short for Bramidan Intelligence, is our cutting-edge IoT system, a collective term for our specially developed technology that integrates all your compaction equipment into a cohesive IT framework.

This system grants you a comprehensive overview of your equipment, enabling you to minimize both direct and indirect waste handling costs over time.

Whether your setup includes a few balers and compactors or a vast array of machines, the BRA-IN monitoring solution delivers significant efficiency gains. It provides valuable insights that can help streamline your operations and reduce expenses related to waste management.

360 Degree View Dashboard

You can optimize the efficiency of your machines by getting a complete overview of all operational data and performance indicators in real-time.

Location of Equipment

Map View of your equipment based on typed coordinates or actual GPS location. Compactors need either a BRA-IN Control Unit or BRA-IN link to show you their location. 

Live Data

Live data from your machine. You can compare data history and see current fill levels to get an overview of your waste management.


Get relevant information and access services from your phone through our BRA-IN App. When your machines are registered, you will be able to see manuals, instruction videos, output data, and order pick-up.


Order pick-up on a specific date or “as soon as possible” based on fill level or bales on site. Monitoring equipment fill levels is crucial for efficiency.

Status of Machines

See various information columns about your equipment including: fill levels, equipment errors, address, service contracts, age and unique ID numbers.

Data & Chart View

Gain insights into equipment usage and compare with expenses from waste handlers. Customize views based on time, equipment, and desired data for easy export to Excel.

List View

List View of your equipment with various data rows of customer and production data.

Real Time & Fill Levels

Track historical data to understand usage patterns and validate pick-ups by waste handlers.

The BRA-IN system helps us to optimize and minimize daily transports of waste. Typically, this means a saving for our customers on transport of between 15-20% compared to older equipment.

Bent Pedersen, Chief buyer at Stena Recycling, Denmark

Select the Right Plan for Your Business



Experience effiency redefined with BRA-IN Basic.

  • SIM card subscription
  • Acces via desktop or app
  • Operational status
  • Nofications
  • Simple reports
  • Machine Linking
  • Remote support



Unleash unparalleled efficiency with BRA-IN Optimize.

  • SIM card subscription
  • Acces via desktop or app
  • Operational status
  • Nofications
  • Simple reports
  • Machine linking
  • Remote support
  • Fill level >80%
  • Response report
  • Performing checks
  • Yearly cost saving report & CO2 report
  • Optimized logistics setup


When your equipment is connected via a BRA-IN branded product, you can access valuable data, helping you to monitor and optimize your waste handling. Access via the BRA-IN App allows you to get access to many of the same elements as from the BRA-IN Webportal and more. Whether you are the user of a certain machine, or site administrator of multiple machines the app makes daily tasks easier for all.


  • Get notifications about your machines, output, and machine errors
  • Order pick-up directly in the App
  • Easy access to user manuals – both as PDF & video
  • Driving directions for equipment location
  • View historical production data
  • Change contact information for your waste collector
  • Direct call feature to service
  • Scan or add more machines by serial number
    *The BRA-IN App is not yet available in all countries. Contact us to hear about your local possibilities.

BRA-IN Optimize

Maximize your BRA-IN connected compaction equipment with our optimization service.

When you have BRA-IN connected compaction equipment, but not the time to ensure consistent follow-up yourself – we can help you. Our optimization service is your insurance that your compaction unit is as full as possible, ensuring that you can focus on your core business. You will get a custom set-up to ensure best possible flow. 

We check machine history, analyze and adjust based on fill level and weight data – the optimal settings based on dialogue with you and your waste handling partner. This ensures optimal usage of your compaction equipment. Availability based on your local service team and support.


Use your prefered platform and unify data seamlessly with BRA-IN API. It’s the key to effortless integration, centralized systems, and personalized control.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by juggling multiple IT portals, and do you wish to consolidate data from various sources on your preferred platform? With BRA-IN API, we open the door to a world of possibilities in data sharing and integration.

With BRA-IN API, you can pull relevant data about your machines directly from our BRA-IN platform and seamlessly integrate them into your preferred platform. We create a custom API key for you, providing full control over the information you want from your machines.

Most Common Questions & Answers

Welcome to our FAQ section, designed to provide quick answers to questions you might have.
If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Your queries matter to us, and we’re here to help!
What kind of monitoring technology do your machines have?

All of our balers are equipped with BRA-IN technology. BRA-IN is a web portal for intelligent fleet monitoring. Using a modem, machine data is collected.

With BRA-IN you can:

  • Control your entire fleet of machines
  • Receive a text message or email when there is a full bale
  • Advise your recycler directly when a bale is ready for pickup
  • Track the number of bales made over time
  • Save time and money with remote service and troubleshooting
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership

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