Engineered Safety in Every Bramidan Machine

Our machinery adheres to the highest European Safety Standards, helping keep you and your team safe. Here’s how.

Dedicated to Safety in the Way, We Design & Produce Our Balers

The EN16500 standard provides detailed guidelines on the production of vertical balers to achieve maximum safety. To qualify for this high safety standard, a Bramidan machine incorporates advanced safety features and undergoes testing to ensure compliance with EN16500 regulations.

Therefore, our machines are designed with following features to ensure highest European safety standards:

1. Secure Operation with Closed Door

The door switch is tamper-resistant to ensure the baler operates only when the door is securely closed. After each cycle, you must open and then close the filling door, which activates the door switch. If the door switch fails, the control unit will serve as a safety backup, preventing any operation until the issue is resolved.

2. Redundant Safety Checks

The door switch is designed to disable operation when the door is open. In the event of a door switch failure, the control system acts as a secondary safeguard, ensuring all malfunctions are verified before any press plate activation can occur.

3. Controlled Opening with Robust Spindle

The baler is engineered to include a robust spindle that moderates the opening speed of the lower door, thus preventing rapid deployment that could lead to injuries. This design ensures a steady and controlled door opening mechanism.

4. Safe Bale Ejection Protocol

For enhanced safety, the baler requires two-hand operation positioned at the side of the machine. This protocol ensures that the operator is in a safe location with a clear view when ejecting the finished bale from the chamber.

5. Simultaneous Two-Button Operation for Ejection

The ejection of the bale requires a simultaneous press of two buttons with precision timing (within ±0.5 seconds) to ensure safety, preventing any chance of tampering with the ejection mechanism.

6. Controlled Ejection Speed to Prevent Bale Tumbling

The ejection speed of the bale onto the pallet or floor must be adjustable to ensure that full-height bales do not overturn beyond 90 degrees upon ejection, mitigating the risk of accidents or damage.

7. Optimized for Minimum Noise Emission

The operational noise levels of the balers are engineered to be as low as possible, establishing Bramidan balers as one of the quietest options available in the market.

Balers Made Safe By Design

Safety is the cornerstone of our baler design and production at Bramidan.

Our commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety is evident in every aspect of our balers. Not only do they meet the rigorous EN16500 standard, but they also exceed ANSI and OSHA requirements.

When you purchase one of our balers, you’re not just acquiring equipment; you’re investing in safety-first reliable waste management solutions. Our balers are engineered with user safety as the top priority, featuring intuitive controls and protective features that empower operators to work confidently and efficiently.

At Bramidan, we understand that safety and usability go hand in hand. That’s why our balers are designed to deliver both, allowing teams worldwide to trust in our equipment for safe and reliable waste management solutions.

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What is EN16500?

The EN16500 safety standard is a set of regulations developed by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), specifically for vertical balers used to compact waste materials or recyclable fractions. The standard addresses various safety aspects related to the operation of balers to ensure maximum protection for users.

Key elements of the EN16500 standard include:

  • The baler only operates when the door is securely closed. This feature is designed to eliminate the risk of accidents during operation.
  • A dual-check mechanism for malfunctions, the door switch is designed to prevent open door operation. In case of failure, a backup control unit steps in to prevent operation.
  • A strong spindle mechanism is required for controlled opening of the main door to prevent it from opening too fast and causing injuries.
  • Safe two-handed operation for bale ejection, which prevents tampering and ensures that bales can only be ejected with precise simultaneous button presses.
  • Controlled ejection speed to prevent the bale from tumbling, thus avoiding potential injuries or damage.
  • The noise level during operation must be as low as possible to maintain a good working environment.


The standard covers balers that are manually or mechanically fed and include fixed enclosed baling chambers with compacting equipment that may be mechanically, hydraulically, or pneumatically operated. It also includes the requirements for manual unloading or mechanical ejection of the compacted bale. Notably, the standard applies to integrated mechanical feed equipment forming part of the baling press assembly.

“I use this baler to compact cardboard. It’s easy and it’s safe. I feel nothing can go wrong.”

Mr Hans Lautrup, Sales Assistant, Rema 1000

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