Recycle More, Waste Less with EPS and Foam Compaction

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and foam take up a lot of space. While a granulator can shred EPS into very small pieces (ratio 3: 1), make high-density bales (ratio 40:1) with one of our EPS compactors

Get efficient space management for EPS waste – The airy nature of EPS and foam means they occupy excessive space. Our solutions compress these materials into minimal space, enhancing your storage efficiency. Turn EPS waste into a resource with our compactors, which diminish volume by 40 times, resulting in sellable, recyclable blocks or use our EPS Granulators break down your waste into smaller, more manageable pieces, streamlining your recycling process.

Vertical Balers

Choose one of our Vertical balers for easy Disposal of EPS and foam waste. They don’t take up much space and can easily be placed directly at the waste source.


  • Wasted time and effort on waste handling
  • Minimal space to store Foam and EPS waste
  • High transportation cost for EPS waste
  • Difficulty in tracking and monitoring waste generation and disposal activities


  • Streamline waste management processes
  • Optimize workspace utilization
  • Promote eco-conscious waste practices
  • Cut costs on waste collection and transportation

How to Handle EPS and Foam

EPS: The Versatile Material

EPS is frequently used for packaging and insulating electronic equipment. Widely used in food transportation, this waste type can be tricky to dispose of.

Despite its lightweight, its bulkiness can be a disposal challenge, efficiently addressed by our balers and shredders.


Foam serves as a primary insulating material for goods in transit, consisting of various composite materials.

Balers can effectively condense lighter foam waste. For denser and bulkier foam categories, reach out for a customized compaction solution tailored to your needs.

See How Our Machines Work


Watch How Our X-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the X-series have internal cross cylinders for strong compaction of several recyclable waste fractions.

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