Bramidan makes high quality balers
and compactors for waste compaction

We offer a wide variety of vertical balers for cardboard, paper and plastic. We are a leading manufacturer in the global marketplace and one of the fastest growing suppliers of recycling equipment in the US. We have a shop and office in Chicago, as well as sales representation in Los Angeles, California and San Antonio, Texas.

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World map of Bramidan distributors of balers and compactors

World map of Bramidan distributors of balers and compactors

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About us

For more than 45 years, we have developed and produced machines for compaction of recyclable waste. We have a strong brand and a wide global network.



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What we aim for...

We want to offer the best and most competitive solutions for waste compaction. How?

  • check Prove that we are the right long term partner
  • check Identify the customers' needs and understand how that translates into the right equipment

Together with us, our customers will recycle waste in a better, more efficient and much more economical way.


Small baler used to compact mask filters

11/5/2020 Our small B4 baler compacts excess material from mask filters into easy-to-move bales. The baler replaced an industrial vacuum cleaner, which was used to remove air from the plastic waste. Read more

Bramidan paint factory with powder coating robot

Bramidan optimizes baler production with new powder coating facility

10/13/2020 We have invested in a more environmentally friendly painting facility in our factory. The pretreatment and robot powered powder coating significantly reduce overall production time. Read more

Auger compactor, vertical or horizontal baler for distribution centers

Waste management in distribution centers

7/8/2020 Vertical balers and horizontal balers in distribution centers are an invaluable way to streamline logistics and optimize costs associated with waste management. Read more

Balers for limited space

Low on space? Find out where to place a baler

6/10/2020 Don't let limited space conditions hinder an investment in necessary equipment and modernization of operational processes. See how a baler for waste compacting can work for you. Read more