Next-Gen Recycling: Smart Solutions for Waste Handling

Bramidan’s advanced recycling solutions feature cutting-edge equipment and intelligent monitoring systems, designed for simplicity and performance.

We Make High-Quality Balers & Compactors For Waste Management

Our company manufactures a range of vertical balers, horizontal balers, and compactors, expertly designed to manage and recycle cardboard, paper, and other waste fractions.

As a prominent manufacturer with a strong presence in the international market, we are recognized as one of the most rapidly expanding recycling equipment suppliers in the United States.

We maintain a fully equipped shop and administrative office in Chicago, complemented by dedicated sales representatives in California, Texas, and North Carolina, ensuring comprehensive coverage and support for our customers.

Explore our range of compaction solutions below.

Vertical Balers

Compact, space-efficient machines designed to compress cardboard, plastic, and other recyclable materials into tight, stackable bales. Ideal for businesses with limited space that need to manage waste effectively.


Horizontal Balers

Larger machines suitable for operations with a higher volume of waste. Designed for continuous loading and compressing large quantities of recyclable materials. Perfect for industrial applications and waste management facilities.



Versatile machines that reduce the volume of waste materials by compacting them into smaller, more manageable forms. Tailored to fit specific waste management needs, with options for different sizes and mobility.


Find Machinery for Your Industry

Since every industry and business faces unique challenges, we manufacture equipment that simplifies your waste management, tailored to make a positive impact on your operations and sustainability goals. Discover the list of selected industries below.


Explore optimized waste handling in the retail sector, with balers that integrate seamlessly into your grocery or retail workflow.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Elevate efficiency in manufacturing and distribution with our advanced waste management technology and intelligence systems.

Hotels & Restaurants

Revolutionize waste practices in hospitality with waste management and reduction solutions for cardboard and other waste types.

Schools & Universities

Uncover tailored solutions designed to elevate efficiency, reduce costs, and advance sustainability initiatives for educational institutions.

Small & Medium-Sized Business

Unlock efficient waste management tailored for small to medium businesses. Explore cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Waste Management & Recycling

Advanced recycling and waste management solutions to revolutionize disposal and environmental impact for all sectors.

The Bramidan Difference

Why Bramidan?

At Bramidan, our commitment to excellence is evident in the quality of our balers; a quality fortified by a flawless safety record and high operational standards.

In addition to unbraralleled service, we lead with a sustainability-first approach, crafting balers that handle various waste streams with efficiency and encourage eco-friendly disposal methods. With our cutting-edge BRA-IN monitoring software, we deliver crucial information to your pocket, enabling seamless waste management workflow while saving you money, time and space.

Durability meets dedication in our high-caliber balers, engineered for performance that you can count on well into the future.

Our dedication to customer service is unwavering; we stand beside you from the initial setup through to continuous upkeep, ensuring your operations run smoothly. Recognizing the diverse financial needs of our clients, we also offer a range of financing solutions to accommodate different budget considerations.

Less is more sustainability

Balers & Sustainability

Bramidan Balers help advance sustainability and ESG initiatives for our clients. Our eco-friendly machines compress and consolidate materials, enhance recycling efforts, minimize waste volume, and reduce the frequency of waste collection.

Incorporating our balers into your waste strategy represents a tangible step toward sustainable practices. Our balers help companies decrease their waste footprint, cutting down on CO2 emissions, and supporting adherence to ESG standards.

Designed with energy conservation in mind, our modern machinery exemplifies innovation in sustainability, helping organizations comply with waste regulations. In essence, the integration of balers into your waste management strategy helps sustain an eco-conscious approach.

Intelligence Starts with BRA-IN

Connect. Analyze. Optimize.

Step into the next era of waste management with BRA-IN, our smart monitoring solution that turns waste data into cost-savings.

BRA-IN elevates every aspect of waste handling, from accurate bale weight measurements to live fill-level monitoring. Other features include:
  • Remote Troubleshooting with our Service Technicians
  • BRA-IN Optimize: A Custom Waste Solution to Save You Money
  • Precise Location and Monitoring of Your Equipment
Ready to revamp your waste management strategy? Explore the BRA-IN Universe to customize your plan.

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Who We Are

Bramidan US Inc. is a recycling equipment supplier and servicing company located in the Chicagoland area. Established in 2012, Bramidan US supplies and services vertical balers, horizontal balers, and compactors across the country.

Our dedicated team of service technicians, sales directors, and product specialists have been taking care of waste management in the US for over a decade.


Years of experience


Distributors around the world




Machines installed

Headquartered in Denmark

Bramidan US is a subsidiary of Bramidan A/S, a Danish company with a global presence in over 40 countries and with nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing recycling equipment.

We specialize in efficient waste compaction solutions, producing and delivering a wide range of recycling equipment such as vertical balers, horizontal balers, and compactors. Tailored for B2B customers, our client base spans numerous sectors, such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, the public sector, and waste management services.

With a Global Outlook

Our commitment to global sustainability is driven by a team of over 225 dedicated employees, extending our reach beyond our Danish roots to a network of subsidiaries around the world.

At Bramidan, we deliver high-caliber products, accompanied by top-notch service, maintenance, and repair. Our team’s expertise ensures dependability and quality above all else.

Dedicated to More Recycling

We have a passion for recycling and a respect for nature’s resources, guiding us to become industry leaders in recycling machinery. We’re driven by the ambition to assist our clients in adopting more eco-friendly practices.

By optimizing waste compaction, businesses can reduce their carbon emissions through decreased transportation needs, lower waste collection costs, and overall enhance waste management efficiency. It’s not just eco-conscious—it saves you time, money, and space in your facility. That’s what we call modern waste management.

Read About Our Customers


Nitta overcomes PVC dust in the factory with B5 Wide baler

Recycling large bags of PVC powder creates a lot of dust – a stressful task for employees. A B5 Wide baler compresses the bags into dust-free 225 lbs bales.

Scheria Verdienst

Two-week trial convinces Scheria to start baling

Scheria Verdienst, a meat product producer, skeptically tried a complimentary two-week trial of a Bramidan baler. Impressed, they made the investment and now have two balers.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware’s X25 HD cuts down on maintenance costs

By opting for a X25 baler, Ace Hardware Store has significantly reduced repairs and service cost in comparison to their previous baler.

Praire State Group

Prairie State Group saves $3300 every month with B6030 baler

Prairie State Group increased recycling by 40% with the B6030 baler. Their monthly waste bill decreased by over $3300, demonstrating the tangible benefits of this smart investment.