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With a Bramidan Baler, companies save up to 50% or more on waste costs. Learn more here.

With our premium range of vertical balers and compactors, we help you transform cardboard, paper, and plastic waste into manageable bales. As a global leader and one of the fastest-growing recycling equipment suppliers in the US, we're here to help you recycle, sustainably.


Vertical balers

See all our models of Vertical balers and find the machine that suits your needs for compacting cardboard, plastic and other recyclables.

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Horizontal balers

Choose one of our Horizontal Balers for continous loading and efficient compaction of waste.


View our complete Range of compactors to define your needs. Or choose the specific category:

stop High capacity Stationary compactors
stop Strong screw equipped Auger compactors
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Used machines

We also buy and sell used equipment. We usually refurbish the used balers or compactors. Have a look at the list with used machines available at the moment.

World map of Bramidan distributors of balers and compactors

World map of Bramidan distributors of balers and compactors

Where to buy?

Get in contact with one of our experienced and reputable distributors.
They are ready to help you choose a baler that's right for you.

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BRA-IN Monitoring - our secret game changer

With our BRA-IN Monitoring products added to your baler or compactor, we are able to offer you the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over 10 years. Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment - reduce your costs of operation, and make quicker and better decisions while minimizing your impact on the environment.

When service is what you need

- we are ready! Throughout Chicagoland we offer 24 hour top level service for emergency break down of your baler or compactor. But we also have a network of service partners at hand when it comes to Nationwide compactor and baler repairs and preventive maintenance.

About us

For more than 45 years, we have developed and produced machines for compaction of recyclable waste. We have a strong brand and a wide global network.



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Years' experience

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What we aim for...

We want to offer the best and most competitive solutions for waste compaction. How?

  • check Prove that we are the right long term partner.
  • check Identify the customers' needs and understand how that translates into the right equipment.
  • check Provide top level compactor service by troubleshooting errors and baler and compactor repairs to get your machinery back up and running.

With our equipment, our customers will recycle waste in a better, more efficient and much more economical way.


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