Manufacturing & Distribution

Whether you’re in logistics, production, or warehouse management, you need efficient waste management.

The Industry and Production sectors face unique challenges when it comes to waste management. To help your business, Bramidan offers a comprehensive suite of waste management solutions designed to address these challenges head-on.

Join the ranks of successful companies who have chosen Bramidan for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective waste management solutions.

Explore the possibilities tailored for your specific waste types below.


  • Time spent on waste handling
  • Limited space & overfilled containers
  • Difficulty managing various waste types separately
  • Limited income opportunities from recyclables
  • Higher carbon footprint
  • Expensive container haulings
  • Strict waste handling policies


  • Saves time and Reduces waste collections
  • Efficient waste management
  • Reliable sustainable recycling solution
  • Optimizes space utilization
  • Enhances workplace cleanliness
  • Short ROI
  • Generate an income from recyclable materials

Recommended Equipment

In general, Manufacturing & Distribution plants require several vertical balers for cardboard and other recyclables, with the addition of multiple compactors depending on the volume of wet waste.

Our product range includes Vertical & Horizontal Balers, catering to the specific requirements of your business. Additionally, for those dealing with large waste volumes, our Self-Contained & Stationary Compactors offer a reliable solution.

Discover the effortless and highly effective waste management solutions our products provide, designed to handle diverse waste types.

Vertical Balers

Discover the ideal Vertical Baler solution tailored for your retail company’s needs. Explore our wide selection.


Horizontal Balers

Explore our powerful Horizontal Balers, perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their recycling and waste handling.


Self-Contained & Stationary Compactors

Designed for businesses with large volumes of waste, our compactors offer reliable compaction.




Unlock the future of waste management with BRA-IN: a game-changer in intelligent fleet monitoring, real-time fill levels, and more.


As a Bramidan customer, we provide you with skilled technicians to install your machinery, train operators, and complete routine repair service.

Rent, Lease or Buy

Whether you prefer the flexibility of renting, the convenience of leasing, or the ownership of buying, our financing gives you options.

Explore Common Waste types in Manufacturing & Distribution

A company in Manufacturing & Distribution can deal with plenty of waste types.

Explore your specific waste type below to reveal our curated selection of machines. 

Don’t see your waste type? See all waste types here.

Paper & Cardboard

Paper, cardboard, shredded paper, paper bags, and newspapers require a comprehensive waste management machine.

Soft & Hard Plastic Waste

Soft plastics, such as films and big bags, and hard plastics, such as bottles, containers, and barrels, require powerful compaction.

Aluminum cans

Aluminum cans introduce sticky, sometimes odorous residue in a baler. See how Bramidan machinery handles this waste type. 

EPS & Foam

EPS & Foam waste, such as styrofoam, is less recyclable, bulky, and environmentally persistent, requiring specialized handling to mitigate pollution.

Waste Analysis in Manufacturing & Distribution

Due to the scale and nature of their operations, Manufacturing and distribution sectors face various waste management challenges

The types of waste they typically encounter include:


  • Industrial Process Waste: Residues, offcuts, and by-products generated from manufacturing processes which can include metals, plastics, wood, glass, and textiles.
  • Packaging Materials: Similar to retail, there’s an abundance of cardboard, plastic, shrink wrap, and pallet waste from the packaging and shipping of products.
  • Chemical Waste: This includes spent solvents, paints, and other chemicals used in the manufacturing process, which may be hazardous and require special disposal procedures.
  • Electronic Waste (E-Waste): Defective electronic components and outdated machinery or technology discarded during upgrades.
  • Scrap Metal: Leftover metal from production, which can often be recycled, but still requires proper sorting and handling.
  • Defective Products: Items that do not meet quality control standards and cannot be sold, which can range from small components to entire machines or vehicles.
  • Expired Products: Goods that have a shelf life and have not been distributed before expiration will become waste.
  • Hazardous Materials: Wastes that pose potential harm to people or the environment, including oils, batteries, and asbestos-containing materials.
  • Biological Waste: In sectors like pharmaceuticals or food processing, biological waste can be a significant category, including anything from fermentation products to spoiled goods.
  • Construction and Demolition Debris: Waste generated from the construction, renovation, or demolition of manufacturing facilities or warehouses.
  • Office Waste: Paper, plastics, and other general waste produced by the administrative functions of the business.
  • Energy By-products: Some manufacturing processes generate waste in the form of heat, emissions, or other energy by-products that need to be managed responsibly.


Manufacturers and distributors often employ extensive waste minimization and recycling programs to reduce their environmental impact and save on raw material and disposal costs.

These efforts may include waste stream audits, process re-engineering to reduce waste production, recycling and repurposing initiatives, and collaborations with waste management experts to find innovative solutions for waste reduction.

Read About Our Manufactoring & Distribution Customers

Discover how leading industrial and distribution businesses have transformed their waste management practices with Bramidan’s solutions.

From freeing up space and saving on waste bills to turning waste into value and cutting down on maintenance costs, these success stories speak volumes about the impact our solutions can have on your business.

Scheria Verdienst

Two-week trial convinces Scheria to start baling

Scheria Verdienst, a meat product producer, skeptically tried a complimentary two-week trial of a Bramidan baler. Impressed, they made the investment and now have two balers.


4 Balers expedite SunArc workflow

Sun Technology A/S achieves a streamlined workflow and significant time savings for employees by implementing four Bramidan balers in the production area.

Citizens of Humanity

B6030 frees up Citizens of Humanity staff

Los Angeles-based denim factory improves efficiency with their B6030 baler, allowing more employees to work in a safer, cleaner production space.

Prairie State Group

Prairie State Group saves $3300 monthly with baler

Prairie State Group increased recycling by 40% with the B6030 baler. Their monthly waste bill decreased by over $3300, demonstrating the tangible benefits of this smart investment.


Nitta overcomes PVC dust with B5 Wide baler

Recycling large bags of PVC powder creates a lot of dust – a stressful task for employees. A B5 Wide baler compresses the bags into dust-free 225 lbs bales.

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