Your Waste Strategy by Sector

Find your industry below to get a Bramidan-tailored Waste Management Strategy.
At Bramidan, our diverse range of balers meet the demands of various industries head-on. Our commitment is to deliver waste management solutions that are not only efficient, but environmentally responsible. We’ve been in the waste management game long enough to understand the unique requirements of these different sectors.

Over the years, we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t. When you need a baler for cardboard or other waste fractions, Bramidan has the baler, compactor and strategy for your operation.


Explore optimized waste handling in the retail sector, with balers that integrate seamlessly into your grocery or retail workflow.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Elevate efficiency in manufacturing and distribution with our advanced waste management technology and intelligence systems.

Hotels & Restaurants

Revolutionize waste practices in hospitality with waste management and reduction solutions for cardboard and other waste types.

Schools & Universities

Uncover tailored solutions designed to elevate efficiency, reduce costs, and advance sustainability initiatives for educational institutions.

Small & Medium-Sized Business

Unlock efficient waste management tailored for small to medium businesses. Explore cost-effective solutions that integrate seamlessly.

Waste Management & Recycling

Advanced recycling and waste management solutions to revolutionize disposal and environmental impact for all sectors.