What Kind of Waste Type Do You Deal With?

Explore different waste types that Bramidan machinery handles below.

For more personalized guidance, reach out to our team to set up a custom waste audit for your business.


Cardboard boxes

Shredded paper

Paper bags


Soft plastic

Plastic bottles (PET)

Plastic cans

Plastic barrels

Computer cases

Big bags

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)


Aluminum Cans


Steel drums



Recycling Machinery for Every Waste Type

No matter your waste type, industry, or volume, Bramidan’s selection of balers and compactors help businesses deal with recyclables and waste.

Our team is dedicated to crafting a personalized waste management plan that aligns with your unique business requirements, aiming to slash waste volume by up to 90%.


Assess Your Waste Storage Needs

When was the last time you did a waste audit? Consider the space consumed by waste in your facility. Get your workspace back with a baler.

Solutions for Your Business

Explore our range of compactors and balers designed to handle various waste types and volume.

Streamline Your Waste Processing

Streamlined waste compaction not only conserves time but also generates revenue from recyclables, enhancing your waste management strategy.

Challenges in Waste Handling

  • Considerable Time Spent Managing Waste Forms
  • High Rental Costs for Containers
  • Space Constraints from Loose, Unmanaged Waste
  • Company’s Environmental Policy Expectations

Benefits of Effective Waste Management

  • Improved Space Use
  • Reduced Carbon Emissions with Fewer Waste Pickups
  • Revenue from Baled Recycling
  • Safer, More Organized Workspace

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