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For almost 50 years, we’ve devolped and produced industry-leading recycling equipment. That’s just part of our story.


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Headquartered in Denmark

Bramidan US is a subsidiary of Bramidan A/S, a Danish company with a global presence in over 40 countries and with nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing recycling equipment.

We specialize in efficient waste compaction solutions, producing and delivering a wide range of recycling equipment such as vertical balers, horizontal balers, and compactors. Tailored for B2B customers, our client base spans numerous sectors, such as retail, hospitality, manufacturing, logistics, the public sector, and waste management services.

With a Global Outlook

Our commitment to global sustainability is driven by a team of over 225 dedicated employees, extending our reach beyond our Danish roots to a network of subsidiaries around the world.

At Bramidan, we deliver high-caliber products, accompanied by top-notch service, maintenance, and repair. Our team’s expertise ensures dependability and quality above all else.

Dedicated to More Recycling

We have a passion for recycling and a respect for nature’s resources, guiding us to become industry leaders in recycling machinery. We’re driven by the ambition to assist our clients in adopting more eco-friendly practices.

By optimizing waste compaction, businesses can reduce their carbon emissions through decreased transportation needs, lower waste collection costs, and overall enhance waste management efficiency. It’s not just eco-conscious—it saves you time, money, and space in your facility. That’s what we call modern waste management.

Our Danish Factory Leads the Way

We’re proud to say our factory isn’t just prepared for the future; it’s defining it.

Every baler that bears the Bramidan name is born in our state-of-the-art facility in Denmark — a testament to engineering excellence and dedication to quality. We set out with a bold mission: to deliver the market’s most reliable and competitive balers with unprecedented speed. Our commitment has slashed production lead times to under 24 hours.

Innovative Technology

We’ve embraced cutting-edge pre-treatment processes and robotic powder coating technology. This advancement empowers us to craft a vertical baler from inception to completion within a single day.

Smart Programming

The integration of VR programming accelerates our coating process, while our robotic assistants swiftly transition between colors, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Robotic Precision & Ergonomic Design

Our recent upgrades go beyond machinery. We’ve revolutionized our workflow with welding robots and optimized conveyor systems. The ergonomic redesign of our workspaces in the welding and assembly areas underscores our commitment to both product excellence and employee well-being.

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Long-Term Value: By focusing on the total cost of ownership over a decade, we ensure you’re investing in a solution that pays off.
  • Proven Reliability: Our track record speaks for itself. We don’t just promise excellence; we prove it with every client, every time.
  • Customer-Centric Service: We don’t just meet your waste management needs; we anticipate and surpass them, setting new industry standards. 

Join us and transform the way you recycle. With Bramidan, you’re not just cutting costs – you’re choosing a partner dedicated to efficient and sustainable waste management. 

Bramidan Group: Your Global Recycling Partner

Headquartered in Denmark, Bramidan has subsidiaries and associated companies around the world.

Headquarters Denmark

Bramidan A/S Industrivej 69

6740 Bramming

Phone +45 7517 3266

E-mail: bramidan@bramidan.dk

North America

Bramidan US Inc.

311 W Gerri Lane, Addison, IL 60101

Phone +1 312 261 6006 – Chicago

Phone +1 805 668 8928 – Los Angeles

E-mail webinquiries@bramidan.com


Bramidan & Presto AS

Narverødveien 40

3113 Tønsberg

Phone +47 481 16 600

E-mail post@bramidanpresto.no


Acme Systems Ltd.

Unit 4 Feltrim Business Park

Drynam Road

Swords co Dublin

K67 RK63

Phone +353 1 890 0660

E-mail sales@bramidan.ie


Bramidan Nederland B.V.

Veenderveld 118

2371 TX Roelofarendsveen

Phone +31 71 331 1547

E-mail verkoop@bramidan.nl


Bramidan A/S

Ul. Łuczanowicka 27

31-766 Kraków

Phone +48 12 680 8880

E-mail bramidan@bramidan.pl


Bramidan France (Axiome)

4, rue Georges Besse BP53

78331 Fontenay Le Fleury

Phone +33 1 3460 4763

E-mail contact@bramidan.fr


Falcor Srl

Via Chiusure 329

25127 Brescia

Phone +39 030 774 1335

E-mail info@falcorpresse.it

Discover Who Uses Our Balers:

Our broad product range easily meets the demands of many different businesses. By constantly listening to the market, we’ve built a tradition of providing our customers with what they really need.


Versatility Meets Precision

Our diverse suite of balers is crafted to meet the needs of various industries. Tuned into the pulse of the market, we’ve honed a legacy of delivering exactly what businesses require. Trust in us, as so many have, for balers that redefine reliability and efficiency.


Decades of Dependability

With over 40 years of experience, we’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of proficient waste management in businesses across the board. This insight, gained from direct engagement with users like you, fuels our drive to engineer solutions that are not just reliable, but synonymous with the Bramidan standard.


Safety & Selection in Harmony

Boasting one of the most extensive product ranges available, we take pride in our ability to manage a spectrum of recyclable materials. Safety isn’t just a feature; it’s the foundation of our design philosophy, ensuring our balers operate seamlessly for years.


Your Ambition, Our Mission

Whether you buy or lease from us or through our esteemed distribution network, your success is our mission. Our commitment is to deliver not just a baler, but a cornerstone for your business’s operational excellence.


A Partnership for Progress

We’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve, adapting to the evolving needs of diverse markets. Our partners receive the latest in baler technology and insights, ensuring an unmatched return on investment. When you choose Bramidan, you’re investing in a future where efficiency and sustainability are in perfect alignment.


Nitta overcomes PVC dust in the factory with B5 Wide baler

Recycling large bags of PVC powder creates a lot of dust – a stressful task for employees. A B5 Wide baler compresses the bags into dust-free 225 lbs bales.

Scheria Verdienst

Two-week trial convinces Scheria to start baling

Scheria Verdienst, a meat product producer, skeptically tried a complimentary two-week trial of a Bramidan baler. Impressed, they made the investment and now have two balers.

Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware’s X25 HD cuts down on maintenance costs

By opting for a X25 baler, Ace Hardware Store has significantly reduced repairs and service cost in comparison to their previous baler.

Praire State Group

Prairie State Group saves $3300 every month with B6030 baler

Prairie State Group increased recycling by 40% with the B6030 baler. Their monthly waste bill decreased by over $3300, demonstrating the tangible benefits of this smart investment.

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