Schools & Universities

Schools & other public institutions minimize waste and maximize efficiency with dependable recycling equipment.

At Bramidan, we understand the unique challenges faced by public sector entities and are committed to providing tailored waste management solutions to meet your specific needs.

Explore our comprehensive suite of offerings designed to address the diverse array of waste streams encountered in public sector operations, and achieve your waste management goals.


  • Time spent on waste handling
  • Limited space & overfilled containers
  • Difficulty managing various waste types separately
  • Limited income opportunities from recyclables
  • Higher carbon footprint
  • Expensive container haulings
  • Strict waste handling policies


  • Saves time
  • Reduces waste collections
  • Efficient waste management
  • Reliable sustainable recycling solution
  • Generate an income from recyclable materials
  • Optimizes space utilization
  • Enhances workplace cleanliness

Recommended Equipment

Schools and universities require a hybrid waste management strategy, typically using a vertical baler and compactor to deal with their mixed waste fractions.

Explore our range of vertical and horizontal balers below, in addition to self-contained and stationary compactors.

Vertical Balers

Discover the ideal Vertical Baler solution tailored for your retail company’s needs. Explore our wide selection.


Horizontal Balers

Explore our powerful Horizontal Balers, perfect for businesses seeking to enhance their recycling and waste handling.


Self-Contained & Stationary Compactors

Designed for businesses with large volumes of waste, our compactors offer reliable compaction.




Unlock the future of waste management with BRA-IN: a game-changer in intelligent fleet monitoring, real-time fill levels, and more.


As a Bramidan customer, we provide you with skilled technicians to install your machinery, train operators, and complete routine repair service.

Rent, Lease or Buy

Whether you prefer the flexibility of renting, the convenience of leasing, or the ownership of buying, our financing gives you options.

Explore Common Waste types in the Public Sector

Discover the essential world of waste management for sustainable practices.

Explore your specific waste type and unveil our curated selection of machines designed for optimal efficiency and eco-friendly solutions.

Don’t see your waste type? View all waste types here.

Paper & Cardboard

Paper, cardboard, shredded paper, paper bags, and newspapers require a comprehensive waste management machine.

Soft & Hard Plastic Waste

Soft plastics, such as films and big bags, and hard plastics, such as bottles, containers, and barrels, require powerful compaction.

EPS & Foam

EPS & Foam waste, such as styrofoam, is less recyclable, bulky, and environmentally persistent, requiring specialized handling to mitigate pollution.

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