Vertical Balers

Discover the innovation behind our vertical balers, tailored for cardboard, paper, plastic, PET, and a range of post-production and packaging waste materials.

Why Choose a Vertical Baler?

A compact and convenient solution to maximize space and efficiency, minimizing costs and waste handling.

A vertical baler is a compact machine designed to compress and bundle recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, or plastics vertically. By compacting these materials into neat bales, vertical balers save space, simplify storage and transportation, and facilitate recycling efforts. They are essential tools for businesses looking to efficiently manage waste while maximizing cost savings and sustainability.

Our Vertical Balers are Built to Last

For nearly 50 years, we have manufactured and supplied baler machines for an extensive variety of clientele. From small convenience stores to large distribution centers, our balers are the perfect solution for retail, grocery stores, warehouses, and healthcare facilities. With a wide range of balers in several different sizes and capacities, our vertical balers can be modified to fit your unique requirements – whether it is a small shrink wrap baler or a mill-size cardboard baler.

Our plastic and cardboard balers are specially designed for efficient compaction of recyclable waste, including OCC, soft plastic, aluminum cans with residual liquids, and bags. The high-compaction ratio equals compact and dense bales that are easy to move and store.

Looking for a reliable baler that is user-friendly and safe? We can help you find the right heavy-duty baler for cardboard and various other waste streams. Find out more about our selection of vertical balers below.

Vertical Baler Models


Baler B4

The B4 is unique compared to other small balers. It is packed with extra features including an automatic ejection system and high compaction ratio.


Baler B4 Textile

Clothing and textiles are compacted into easy-to-move bales that are free of rips.


Baler B5 Wide

With a wide feed opening of 39 inches, the B5 W is specifically designed for compacting bulky materials.


Baler X10 HD

A high-capacity baler with a small footprint and an impressive 22,000 lbs. of press force.


Baler B20

The wide feed opening on the B20 is ideal for large cardboard boxes, plastic shrink wrap, and paper. Retainer dogs inside of the chamber keep material compacted.


Baler X25 HD

The X25 HD has a low overall height due to the internal cross cylinders. Achieve stable compression due to the powerful press force and long stroke.


Baler X25 HD Galvanized

The X25 HD Galvanized baler is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It was pecifically designed for customers with wet or demanding surroundings.


Baler X4830

The X4830 is a powerful low-profile baler with a high-press force and fast cycle time.


Baler X30 HD

A high-capacity baler with a large feed opening to easily accomodate bulky boxes and expandable plastics.


Baler X30 HD Galvanized

A strong compact baler with powerful cross cylinders that can handle dense waste materials. The chamber is designed for baling wet waste with residual liquids.


Baler B6030

No need to break down large cardboard boxes. The extra wide feed opening allows you to easily toss boxes right into the baler.


Baler X6030 LP

The X6030 LP is a low profile baler with great press force and a heavy duty construction. Cardboard bale weights of 800+ lbs.


Baler X50 HD

The X50 HD is a reliable heavy-duty baler with a superior press force for reliable and consistent performance.


Baler X50 HD Galvanized

All of our hot-dip galvanized models are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They are designed to withstand wet and demanding environments.


Baler B7242 SD

The B7242 with sliding door (SD) baler is a large, heavy duty machine that will produce 72″x42″ cardboard bales weighing 1,400+ lbs.


Drum Press DP16

Reduce the volume of your drums by up to 90%.

Monitor & Analyze Your Equipment

Make the most of your equipment with our intelligent monitoring solution. We call it BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. With BRA-IN you can make faster and better decisions, reducing your costs of operation while minimizing your impact on the environment.
In our business BRA-IN is short for Bramidan Intelligence, and a collective name for our special developed IOT system. This links all connected compaction equipment with IT systems, providing you with a 360 degree view of your equipment minimizing direct and indirect waste handling costs over time.

Combine our BRA-IN services to fit your needs

Compact waste and save time

Save Time & Money

Maximize your time and leverage waste as a resource with our vertical baler’s efficient and low-noise compaction. Free up space and streamline your waste handling for enhanced productivity. 

Reduce pickups and overall costs

Automated pickups with BRA-IN

Use our baler monitoring solution BRA-IN, to monitor fill levels, access real-time data, and automate pickups. We deliver future-ready, green waste handling that adds value and efficiency to your business.

News & Articles

Limited Space?

Find out where to place a baler if you have limited space for waste handling, you may find it difficult to find the necessary compaction equipment. Let us show you how a baler works with limited space!

News & Articles

Choose a Small or Large Baler?

We can help you, with what you should you consider when looking for the right baler size for waste compaction.

Compact Different Waste Fractions

Because of the limited resources in the world, and in order to protect the environment, it is important to sort, compact and recycle your waste. We offer vertical balers that can be used to compact many recyclable materials. These are the main waste fractions that can be compressed in a Bramidan vertical baler:



Soft plastic

Hard plastic

PET bottles

Tin cans

Alu cans




What Volume & Type of Waste?

The volume of material will help determine the size of the baler. Each baler has a bale size that is noted in the specifications, and this may vary by material composition and density of material. Larger volumes of material usually require a larger baler. This is to reduce labor and maximize resale value of the material.

However, smaller bales can be as viable as large ones depending on your goal. Redemption value is not the only value proposition of a baler. Reducing labor, cleaning up valuable space, loss prevention, safety, etc. are all reasons to use a baler.

The type of material you are baling also matters. Bags or sacks for instance usually don’t require a larger bale size to retain their reuse or sales value. Other materials like shrink wrap are also often taken and paid for in less than large bale sizes.

Remarkably Low Noise Level

Most balers run at around 70-80 dB. At that level they can be harmful. People do not think to wear ear protection while running a baler, and with our baler you never have to, as we have mitigated the noise.

Many people miss the significance of the low noise levels you get when choosing a Bramidan baler. With the prevalence of earbuds and other devices in our ears most of the time in our leisure, hearing loss is a serious threat. What most people don’t understand about decibels is that their calculation is at a ratio. So the difference between 1 decibel and 10 is a lot in sound comparison. 

57-60 dB
Other Balers
Cars on motorway
Jet engine

Choose the Right Baler Door From the Start!

We offer special door types for some of the models in our series of vertical balers. When you buy a vertical baler for waste compaction, you should consider which type of door meets your needs. This choice has influence on both comfort in use and efficiency in daily waste handling, especially when used in a small space.

FD (Flap Door)

The flap door acts as a funnel – it facilitates easy flow of waste into the baler chamber. The following balers can also be produced with a flap door: X25, X25 Galvanized, X30, X30 Galvanized, X50 and X50 Galvanized.

SD (Semi-Automatic Door)

The SD-door is always open, which makes it easy to throw waste into the chamber at any time. The Semi-Automatic door is used for the following models: B30 Wide SD, B50 SD and B50 XL SD.

Check Out How Our Vertical Balers Work

Watch videos of our two vertical baler series. You will find that they are very easy to use when filling with waste and when tying off and ejecting finished bales. All our balers are made safe by design and comply with the highest European Safety Standards.


Watch How Our B-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the B-series have external cylinders, made for basic compaction of cardboard, paper and soft plastic.


Watch How Our X-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the X-series have internal cross cylinders for strong compaction of several recyclable waste fractions.

Most Common Questions & Answers

Welcome to our FAQ section, designed to provide quick answers to your questions.
Is it possible to try a baler before I buy it?

Yes. We offer a free trial which allows you to try out the machine in your facility.

If you decide not to keep the machine at the end of the trial period, the only expense you are responsible for is return freight to one of our warehouses.

Is it possible to handle bales without fork lifts and ramps?
Yes, it is unnecessary to use a forklift to remove finsihed bales form our B3 and B4 small footprint balers. If needed, we can adjust the machine to make smaller bales which are no heavier than 55 – 65 lbs.
What kind of monitoring technology do your machines have?

All of our balers are equipped with BRA-IN technology. BRA-IN is a web portal for intelligent fleet monitoring. Using a modem, machine data is collected.

With BRA-IN you can:

  • Control your entire fleet of machines
  • Receive a text message or email when there is a full bale
  • Advise your recycler directly when a bale is ready for pickup
  • Track the number of bales made over time
  • Save time and money with remote service and troubleshooting
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership
How large are the bales made by a vertical baler?

The weight and size of a finished bale depends on the size of the machine and the waste type.

Our small footprint vertical balers, like the B3 and B4 models, make smaller easy-to-handle bales. Finished bales made in one of these machines weigh between 66 – 220 lbs. for cardboard and 88 – 286 lbs. for plastic. Using a bale cart, the bales can be easily moved around your facility for storage or pickup.

Our medium size balers make a heavier bale that can be ejected and stored on a standard pallet. Finished bales weigh between 440 -772 lbs. for cardboard and 550 – 992 lbs. for plastic. Using a pallet jack or forklift, the bales can be easily transported.

Our large balers, like the B6030 and X30 HD models, make bales that are as heavy as Large Size Balers compact bales as heavy as 825 – 1,200 lbs. for cardboard and 880 – 1,300 lbs. for plastic. View the finished bale size dimensions of our balers under Product Specifications.

How does a baler work?

A vertical baler is a machine that reduces the overall volume of your loose waste material by making a compact and tight bundle called a bale.

Using the filling opening, you can easily toss your loose cardboard or soft plastic into the baler. A press plate uses extreme force to compress the material by pushing downward. The material remains compacted due to the retainer dogs inside of the chamber of the baler.

Continue to throw material into the baler until you have compacted enough waste for a full bale. Then, the finished bale is manually tied off with polyblend strapping or wire. The size and weight of the finished bale are determined by the size of your baler.

The finished bales take up a limited amount of space and are easy to move. Baling your waste material offers you an easy solution for waste disposal.

Bramidan offers a variety of different baler designs that are perfect for handling your waste.

Our specialists are ready to advise you on the type of baler that will best suit the needs of your business. Please contact a member of our team for further information.

Can you customize equipment?

Yes, we offer customized versions of our vertical balers in a range of different colors.

Please contact a member of our sales team for more information.

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