Metal Waste Handling

Compress aluminum, metal buckets, and barrels with our recycling equipment.

Empty cans and drums take up significant space in your warehouse or yard, complicating internal logistics.

Our equipment handles various forms of metal waste, from aluminum cans to paint buckets and drums. For waste containing residual liquids, our galvanized balers produce compact bales and ensure a tidy clean-up of residuals.

Let us help you find the perfect solution for your waste management needs.

Vertical Balers

Ideal for compacting aluminum cans and metal waste, these vertical balers are space-saving and can be located at your waste source.

Other Machines

The Drum Press DP16 is designed for the safe and efficient compaction of steel drums, able to process drums without explosive materials.


These are adaptable solutions for aluminum can management, available in self-contained or stationary models.


  • Empty aluminum cans are cumbersome and take up space
  • Used drums take up much space in your yard
  • Expensive waste pickups
  • Difficulties living up to environmental policies


  • More space in your warehouse and yard
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Less CO2 emissions due to fewer pickups
  • Safe and clean working environment

Explore Metal Waste Fractions Below

Aluminum Cans

Empty aluminum cans can be efficiently compressed in a baler. Our X-Series balers are a good choice because of the high press force and long stroke.

To ensure the stability of the finished bale, place a layer of cardboard at the bottom and top of the bale. Wrapping the finished bale ith stretch film can also enhance its stability.


Empty cans and metal containers can be difficult to compact, requiring a powerful machine. The press plate must penetrate deep into the material to create a stable bale, necessitating a long stroke. All balers in our X Series are capable of doing this.

Place a layer of cardboard at the bottom and top of the bale to ennsure stability of the finished bale.

Drums and Buckets

Steel drums or metal buckets, often used for oil and paint, can take up a lot of space when empty. Transporting these empty containers means moving a lot of air, which is inefficient and costly.

Instead, you can compact drums and metal buckets using our drum press machines. This process flattens them completely, allowing them to be stacked and occupy minimal space.

See How Our Machines Work


Watch How Our X-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the X-series have internal cross cylinders for strong compaction of several recyclable waste fractions.

Drum Press DP16

Watch How Our DP16 Drum Press Works

DP16 will compress drums up to 55 gallons easily. Spikes in the press plate puncture the drum and remove air.

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