Soft Foil & Hard Plastic Waste Compaction

Transform airy plastic waste into compact bales, reclaiming valuable space in your facility.
Diverse plastic waste requires smart sorting and compression. Explore our horizontal and vertical balers, and consult with our experts to tailor a solution for your unique waste profile.

Vertical Balers

Effective plastic balers for managing both soft and hard plastic waste, occupying minimal space and perfect for creating bales at the source of waste.

Horizontal Balers

Ideal for extensive plastic waste processing, these balers facilitate continuous loading and can be customized to handle both soft and hard plastics.


Flexible solutions designed for the consolidation of soft and hard plastic materials, offered in both self-contained and stationary models.


  • Environmental impact of mixed plastic waste
  • Labor-intensive handling of bulky plastic
  • Plastic waste taking up too much space
  • High transportation and container leasing expenses


  • Streamlined plastic waste management
  • Reduced expenditure on container services and waste disposal
  • Eco-friendly disposal of plastic materials
  • Freeing up space in the workplace

Transform Plastic Waste by Baling

Soft Plastic

Foil and soft plastic, predominantly found as stretch film or packaging on delivered pallets, also appear as carrier and waste bags..

As a recyclable commodity, the value of soft plastic hinges on its cleanliness; well-sorted materials command a premium in the recycling market.

Plastic Bottles

PET, commonly used for beverage bottles, is also found in e.g. drinking cups and small food packaging.

To optimize compaction, ensure PET bottles are perforated or have their caps removed to eliminate excess air. Place cardboard at the top and bottom of the bale to enhance stability.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers or high-density bottles are commonly used for food and liquid cleaners.

To compact these plastic containers effectively, pre-perforate or remove caps to minimize air content. Use cardboard layers for smaller items to enhance bale stability.

Plastic Barrels

Utilized across various sectors for storing commodities like powders and liquids, plastic barrels can be individually pressed or baled using our X-series machines. Consult us for tailored advice.

Depending on your use case, compressing one barrel at a time with a drum press may be the safer, more convenient option. Learn more about the DP16 here.

Hard Plastic

Hard plastic (e.g. cases, cabinets, or boxes) are typically found in computers, televisions, and related accessories. 

Compaction of items like computer casings requires a baler with substantial force and durability.

Contact us for expert advice on managing these tough plastics for optimal compaction.


Big Bags

Big bags, used for transporting or storing bulk materials in industries such as offshore and agriculture, are effectively compressed with our equipment, designed to handle their size and complexity.

To recycle big bags without damage, we modify the compactor chamber by removing any retainers.

See How Our Machines Work

Vertical balers

Watch how our B4 balers work

B4 balers are pefect for Stockrooms because of their size. They are made for basic compaction like soft plastic.


Watch How Our B-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the B-series have external cylinders, made for basic compaction of cardboard, paper and soft plastic.


Watch How Our X-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the X-series have internal cross cylinders for strong compaction of several recyclable waste fractions.

Horizontal balers

Watch How Our CC50 & CC40 Baler Works

The CC50 has a manual-tie and built-in tipping system, while the CC40 Model, has a fully-automatic bale ejection system. Both machines handle large waste volumes with ease. 

Mobile compactors

Watch How a Self-Contained Compactor Works

A self-contained compactor offers versatile solutions for companies to manage their various waste fractions effectively.

Stationary compactor

Watch How a Stationary Compactor Works

Suitable for handling very large amounts of waste, stationary compactors come with a press unit and movable container.

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