Maserati’s Waste Pick-Ups Reduced to a Sixth With a Baler

Maserati sees cleaner floors, cuts six daily waste pickups, and saves on container rentals with Bramidan balers.
From Challenges


  • Large amounts of mixed waste
  • Production lines must be kept constantly clear
  • Multiple daily waste haulings
To Benefits


  • Tidier and safer work space
  • Better internal logistics
  • Improve employee workflow

Safe and clean working environment

Tidier and safer work space

Well known as a high-end luxury car brand, Maserati designs and manufactures their Italian handcrafted vehicles in their bustling factory in Modena, Italy. As the the factory floor began to see an increase in productivity, they also experienced an over abundance of cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, and bubble wrap. In need of a solution at the waste source, they turned to Bramidan balers.

Maserati installed not one, but four vertical bailers inside of their facility. Since they are now able to recycle waste at multiple points throughout the production line, they were able to create a safe and clean working environment while decreasing the number of waste pickups.

Reaching Waste Management Goals

Production lines must be kept constantly clear

One of the main challenges faced by Maserati’s Environmental Specialist, Maddelena Spagna, is waste management during production. She describes it as, “A procedure with a significant margin for im- provement. Especially as waste collection is subcontracted to a third party company.”

The goal was to find an easy, safe solution that would allow for a cleaner, more organized space. With the installation of the balers, they are now able to achieve this goal.

Optimized Workflow

Better internal logistics

With the help of Bramidan’s Italian distributor, Scalvenzi, Maserati began a free baler trial. Almost immediately, they began to see positive results in the form of optimized workflow and internal logistics in key areas of the factory.

“With the support of Bramidan, the initial idea to improve waste management and realize WCM concept of order and cleanliness has become reality. We were satisfied when we saw the results of the first trial. Bramidan has given us a solution that is fast, safe and efficient and gives a cleaner production area,” Maddelena says.

Decreased Waste Pickups
The finished bales of cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, and bubble wrap are removed and stored in a container outside of the factory until ready for pickup. Before installing the bailers, Maserati was paying for daily waste pickups. Since they began baling their recyclable waste, they have been able to decrease the number of pickups each week while also saving money.
We have generated many benefits: the assembly lines are tidier and cleaner, and our workflow is more efficient due to faster and easier waste handling. We’ve also saved costs on equipment, as our waste collector now only provides one container that holds 40% more waste.
Maddalena Spagna
Environmental Specialist, Maserati
Maserati is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The Modena, Italy factory produces many of the luxury car brand’s famous models.

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