Reduce Cardboard Waste By Up To 90%

Space-Saving Solutions for Bulky Cardboard

Commonly found as used boxes or shredded material, cardboard waste is efficiently managed with our cardboard balers and compactors. This not only saves space but also contributes to environmental protection and profit generation through the sale of compacted bales.

Loose or boxed cardboard can occupy significant space in warehouses, stores, or docks and is often time consuming. Read more about how to start enhancing your workflows below.

Vertical Balers

Space-efficient balers for direct disposal at the source, ideal for compacting waste cardboard into vertical bales.

Horizontal Balers

Continuous loading machines for large-scale cardboard waste, producing horizontal bales with customizable features.


Customizable, mobile or stationary compactors for efficient cardboard management, creating condensed bales to suit various needs.


  • Warehouse cluttered with cardboard
  • High waste management costs
  • Time-consuming cardboard breakdown
  • Environmental compliance challenges


  • Reduced waste pickup frequency
  • Eco-friendly waste management
  • Enhanced workplace cleanliness and safety
  • Revenue from baled cardboard

Bales of Cardboard: A Bramidan Guide

Corrugated Cardboard Sheets

Cardboard sheets are often used as a protective middle layer to protect goods during transport.

Use our balers to compact corrugated sheets along with other cardboard waste. For stable bales, remember to start and finish the pile with a cardboard sheet.

Cardboard Box Recycling

Protect the environment by recycling cardboard boxes and supporting the green, circular economy. Our range of balers, suitable for various cardboard types, significantly reduces waste volume.

Unbroken cardboard boxes occupy substantial space. By compacting your cardboard with a baler, you can free up 90% more room in your storage space.

See How Our Machinery Works

Vertical balers

Watch How Our B4 Balers Work

Because of its compact size, the B4 baler provides basic compaction of cardboard in tight spaces.


Watch How Our B-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the B-series have external cylinders, made for basic compaction of cardboard, paper and soft plastic.


Watch How Our X-Series Machinery Works

Balers in the X-series have internal cross cylinders for strong compaction of several recyclable waste fractions.

Horizontal balers

Watch How Our CC50 & CC40 Baler Works

The CC50 has a manual-tie and built-in tipping system, while the CC40 Model, has a fully-automatic bale ejection system. Both machines handle large waste volumes with ease. 

Mobile compactors

Watch How a Self-Contained Compactor Works

A self-contained compactor offers versatile solutions for companies to manage their various waste fractions effectively.

Stationary compactor

Watch How a Stationary Compactor Works

Suitable for handling very large amounts of waste, stationary compactors come with a press unit and movable container.

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