Prairie State Group Saves $3300 Monthly With B6030 Baler

Prairie State Group increased recycling by 40% with the B6030 baler. Their monthly waste bill decreased by over $3300, demonstrating the tangible benefits of this smart investment.
From Challenges


  • Requirements to document recycling efforts
  • Massive bill for waste collections
  • No overview of largest waste streams
To Benefits


  • Smaller waste bill
  • Lower total costs of operation
  • Optimize recycling practices
With Bramidan

Cutting waste handling costs and improving recycling rates

Massive bill for waste collections

For many American companies, substantial waste by-product is generated during production. In an effort to meet environmental and safety standards, many of these companies create a recycling program with a goal of diverting recyclable waste from the landfill, while, at the same time, placing a high priority on lowering the cost of waste disposal pickups.

Prairie State Group, located just outside of Chicago, is no exception. One of the ways in which the company works towards achieving a cost neutral goal is with a Bramidan B6030 vertical baler.

Numerous waste types

No overview of largest waste streams

Prior to purchasing a vertical baler, Prairie State Group was using gaylords to separate their numerous waste types. Most of the material being discarded is waste by-product from the production of custom printed food packaging and labels.

Once each waste stream was isolated, it was picked up with a trailer drop. With 26,000 pounds of waste being picked up each month, the label producer was spending more money than they would have liked on waste pickups and tipping fees.

Reduced waste bill

Smaller waste bill

However, since installing the baler to compact cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, clear film, flexible packaging and cold seal material, they were able to reduce their waste bill by $3,300 from November 2015 to February 2016. Lydia Kuyawa, Waste Diversion Business Advisor, who advised Prairie State Group to consider baling their waste says, “Just by taking material and reconfiguring it into a type that’s acceptable is saving.”
By opening up a dialogue on Prairie State Group’s environmental business practices with Dan Doherty, Executive VP of Operations at Prairie State Group, Lydia was able to connect them with Bramidan to find a practical baling solution. They began with a free trial of a Bramidan B6030 bailer in their Franklin Park facility.

By testing the baler on their different waste types, they were able to measure the amount of waste generated on site. “40% of our waste is either reused or recycled,” says Dan. As a result, they are now able to analyze which is the largest waste stream. With a high production facility, there is constant movement of waste. Lydia and Dan continue to monitor and analyze the outflow of material and the benefits of baling their recyclables. “At the end of the day they’re taking less out of pocket as opposed to before”, says Lydia. 
We saved $3300 within the first three months and we can document that at least 40 pct. of our waste is either reused or recycled.
Dan Doherty
Executive Vice President of Operations, Prairie State Group
Prairie State Group is a full-service printer and producer of packaging materials headquartered in Chicago. The company provides custom and flexible packaging solutions, ranging from laminated products such as stand-up pouches and bar wrappers to pressure sensitive labels across a varied market including food/beverage, household products, paint, personal care, and other private label applications.

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