Two-Week Trial Convinces Scheria to Start Baling

Scheria Verdienst, a meat product producer, skeptically tried a complimentary two-week trial of a Bramidan baler. Impressed, they made the investment and now have two balers.
From Challenges


  • Indispensable focus on hygiene
  • Outdoor solution increase risk of contamination
  • Plastic waste from raw produce
To Benefits


  • Hygienic waste handling
  • Low profile balers available
  • Can be placed right at the waste source

Hygiene and tidiness is an important issue

Indispensable focus on hygiene

In the 2,500 m2 warehouse where Scheria cuts, seasons and packs meat products, each activity has its own area. There are cold rooms, freezers, cutting rooms, packaging and sticker areas.

“For hygiene reasons meat should never go out by the door it came in, and the whole process must be chilled”, says Sjoerd van Santen, one of the three directors. “At the end of this we have, of course, a lot of packaging waste. Everything that comes into the slaughterhouse is wrapped in plastic film. Products that we import from France are sometimes also in cardboard boxes”.

Two week trial

Outdoor solution increase risk of contamination

Until 2008 this cardboard was disposed of in rusty cages that understandably had to stand outside.

Sjoerd: “This wasn’t very tidy at all. I was looking for a way of keeping it inside. We had seen balers at trade fairs, but I didn’t see the advantage straightaway. They seemed expensive and were too tall to fit under the shelves. That is until I saw Bramidan’s X30 AD with internal cylinders. This did fit and I was able to have it on trial for two weeks. I was convinced after one week. I thought: We should have done this ten years earlier. The automatic door is open all the time and all the cardboard is compacted immediately and tidily behind a closed door. A bale comes out every three days. ”

From nine containers down to four

Can be placed right at the waste source

Fairly quickly after the installation of the X30 AD baler Scheria purchased the smaller model X10 to be used for plastic film. This is collected in large blue rubbish bags, which they used to throw outside in a container. Sjoerd: “We did try to compress it manually, but plastic springs back. So every week we had nine contai-ners full waste and a great deal of air”.

Scheria placed the X10 baler right next to the production area. As it is used for meat packaging film, the rubbish bags are removed every break and put into the baler straightaway. The bales that weigh about ninety kilos each now fill no more than four containers every week. The collector does not pay for them, but picks them up free of charge. Sjoerd disposes of old cardboard himself and Scheria donates the proceeds to charity.
I was able to have it on trial for two weeks. I was convinced after one week.
Sjoerd van Santen
Director, Scheria
About eighty years ago the grandfather of the current directors began a butter, cheese and egg wholesale business. This was the forerunner of today’s chicken, turkey and game company. Scheria has about sixty employees and supplies eg. poulterers, butchers, supermarkets, catering establishments and care institutions throughout the whole of Holland.

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