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xUniversity campus installs extra secure baler

Thursday, October 17, 2019

The University of Texas installed a X6030 baler with a digital lockpad in their downtown campus.

X6030 baler installed at University of Texas at San Antonio X6030 baler installed at University of Texas at San Antonio

At universities and other higher-education institutions, safety is a top priority. The University of Texas at San Antonio is no exception. When it came time to install the X6030 low profile baler at their downtown San Antonio campus, they chose a digital lockpad add-on for extra security.

Our team was able to install the lockpad on site and provide training. The lockpad requires users to enter a security code in order to operate the baler. This allows the university staff to dispose of their waste, but prevents unauthorized users from activating the motor and running a cycle.

What other types of add-ons does Bramidan offer?

  • stopDigital lockpad
  • stopLockout padlock
  • stopAnchoring kit
  • stopVertical or sliding door options
  • stopGalvanized surface treatment
  • stopDrain for residual liquids
  • stopPET/Donation door

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