Learn More About Balers in The Food Industry

Find out how restaurants can deal with their waste, while maintaining an efficient work environment.

Common Restaurant Waste Types

Restaurants generate significant waste, with several types that may post health and environmental risks.

Restaurants are required to comply with regulations regarding waste management and the disposal of packaging.

Typically, restaurant waste consists of various types of used packaging, including cardboard and plastic. The latter is particularly problematic; if not recycled, it can persist in the environment for centuries. This underscores the importance of using balers in the catering industry to manage and recycle waste effectively.

At Bramidan, we are dedicated to providing reliable machinery that supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Waste Management in the Service Industry

Owners of catering establishments need to be aware of the waste management principles they must follow, particularly concerning the disposal of packaging from gastronomic supplies. This ensures proper handling and recycling, aligning with environmental standards and regulations.

Benefits of Waste Compaction

  • Reduced waste collections of filled bins mean less costs
  • Sorting and preparing waste for recycling gives a greener profile
  • Safe and clean facilities in narrow spaces provide a better working environment

Why Use a Baler for Compacting Restaurant Packaging?

Restaurants create food and packaging waste. Investing in balers can help compact cardboard, foil, plastic, and cans efficiently.
In addition to typical food leftovers for disposal, typically every restaurant generates large amounts of packaging. This includes both cardboard and foil, plastic and empty cans or PET bottles. 

Benefits of Balers:

  • Easy, convenient and safe to use – our balers have a wide opening and meet the EN16500 safety standard
  • Suitable for cardboard, foil packaging and aluminium cans.
  • Baled waste takes up less space.
If you operate a restaurant or catering business with substantial packaging waste, consider investing in compact balers. These machines are versatile, efficiently handling not just waste paper and cardboard, but also plastic foil.

Our product lineup includes models like the B3 and B4, which are ideal for the catering industry due to their compact size that fits easily in spaces with low ceilings. Additionally, they are user-friendly—our technicians provide comprehensive training to your staff upon installation.

We also offer galvanized models designed for harsh environments, where a durable surface is crucial for operation.

Ease of Operation

Versatile Waste Handling

One machine for all types of waste you need to compact: Cardboard, paper and plastic foil.

Different Door Types

Thanks to the flap door, it is easy to fill PET bottles and aluminium cans into the chamber of the X25 Galvanized FD.

Easy to Operate

Easy and fast chamber loading, even in narrow spaces.

Save Time

The B4 baler has automatic bale ejection, quick and safe in use.

Find the Right Machinery for Your Restaurant

Ready to find the perfect machine for you and your team?

With many models to choose from, our sales team can walk you through a custom waste audit to find a machine that fits your needs and workspace.

We also recommend, among others our models with special door types like VD (vertical door), SD (sliding door), FD (flap door) and AD (automatic door), which can be placed directly against the wall.

Vertical Balers

Watch How Our Small Footprint Machinery Works

Vertical Balers

Watch How Our X-series Machinercy Works

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