Navigating Baler Options: Single Ram vs. Two Ram

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Choosing Between Single Ram & Two Ram Balers

Learn about the key differences and find the best fit for your waste management needs.
Choosing between a single ram and two ram horizontal baler can be a challenge for businesses aiming to optimize their waste management processes. The decision hinges on various factors, including the nature of waste, the specific needs of business, and expectations for efficiency and performance.

In this article, we delve into the distinctions between single ram and two ram balers, empowering you with the knowledge needed to make an informed choice.

The Main Differences of Single & Two Ram Balers

Horizontal balers come in two main types; single ram, which has one press plate and cylinder, and two ram, which has two press plates and cylinders.

A two ram compression force against a surface is greater than that of a single ram where the material is more squeezed in the tensioning walls as it passes through. Hence you get denser bales like a closed door but can process resistant material and more material faster. 

The two ram balers also work great for harder to bale materials such as PET or aluminum cans, as the bales are better contained inside the chamber until the point of tying it together. Additionally, two ram balers are automated versions of closed door balers. 

Two Ram Horizontal Baler

The two-ram baler is often shaped in an “L” shape so that Ram 1 (the gathering ram) will be the channel where the material is collected and compressed against an end wall.

The other channel (eject ram) is used for pushing the compressed material out of the side to be ejected. Both ram faces perform the compaction, but the second is mostly to push the material sideways and out to be tied-off and the finished bale picked up off a slide or other platform.

Very Versatile Balers

Horizontal two-ram balers stand out as exceptionally adaptable balers.
The two-Rams are amongst the most versatile balers available and can be adapted with options such as shredders, fluffers and many other modifications that allow for very fast throughput of multiple materials.

Therefore two-rams work great for multi material locations, as each bale is finished and kicked out before the next bale is started. Additonally the bales also tend to be heavier and press forces and cylinder sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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