Small vs. Large Balers

The size of your baler can significantly impact your waste and workflow. Let’s dive into key differences below.

How To Choose The Right Baler

Identify your perfect bale size by your waste volume.

Bale size is one of the main criteria for selecting the right waste compaction machine. Depending on the warehouse conditions and logistics inside your company, some prefer small bales that are easy to handle, while others prefer large bales.

Balers allow for effective and comprehensive reduction of waste in your company and facilitate waste management. At the same time, compacted waste can be resold to companies purchasing raw materials.

Small Balers

Easy to position and produces compact bales.

If you have a small stockroom or facility, it’s important to position your compact baler optimally for easy use, without obstructing employee movement.

Small Vertical Balers compress waste into compact, lightweight bales that can be manually handled without specialized equipment. For example, bales from our smallest B4 baler are manageable enough for employees to handle, cutting down the need for forklift.

The B4 baler produces bales weighing between 85 to 130 lbs. for cardboard and 110 to 155 lbs. for plastic shrink wrap. Its compact design and efficient output make it ideal for small spaces such as convenience stores, fast-food restaurants, and gas stations, maximizing waste density even in limited areas.

Vertical Baler

B4 Baler

  • Automatic bale ejection makes work easier.
  • Very low noise level (<60 dB) ensures comfortable working conditions.

Vertical baler

B5 Wide Baler

  • The B5 Wide is a small footprint baler with a wide feed opening.
  • Very suitable for larger cardboard boxes.
  • Has automatic bale ejection.

Vertical baler

X10 HD baler

  • A small footprint baler with a high-capacity.
  • Available in both single-phase and three-phase power packs.
  • Low overall height.

Medium to Large Vertical Balers

Ideal for medium-large retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.

Large Vertical Balers not only reduce waste volume, but decrease the labor and costs associated with storing and transporting compacted bales. By compacting waste into larger bales, balers simplify warehousing processes, making storage and transport more cost-effective.

Medium and large balers from Bramidan, like the B20 or B6030, produce bales weighing between 450 to 1,200 lbs. for cardboard and 550 to 1,300 lbs. for plastic shrink wrap. These bales can be easily removed from the machine, transported on forklifts, and stored on pallets.

The largest models, like the Bramidan B7242 SD and X50 HD, generate bales that range from 750 to 1,700 lbs. for cardboard and 850 to 1,700 lbs. for plastic shrink wrap.

Large balers are best suited for companies with ample storage space. Since large bales are ejected onto pallets and require forklifts for transport and storage, they minimize the time needed to load for transport, thereby reducing transportation costs to recyclers. This efficiency helps companies save both time and money on waste management.

Vertical baler

Baler B20

  • Strapping rolls are located at the front, saving space with the baler placed closed to the wall
  • Finished bales fit on a standard pallet.

Vertical baler

B6030 Baler

  • Wide feed opening and a large chamber for easy loading of bulky waste. 
  • Optional SD door: contact our sales team for more information.

Vertical baler

Baler X6030 LP

  • Wide feed opening
  • Larger bale size ensures faster loading

vertical baler

Baler X50 HD

  • High press force that allows efficient and quick compaction
  • Most material types are compacted easily

Vertical baler

Baler B7242 SD

  • Very large filling opening.
  • A baler that will produce bales weighing 1,400+ lbs.
  • Compliant with ANSI and UL standards.

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