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You read that right — unsure if a baler is right for you? Explore free trial options below to see a baler in your space.

Not Sure if a Baler is Right For You?

Experience the benefits of waste compacting machines with Bramidan’s FREE baler trial.

Bramidan offers a FREE baler trial to help you make the right, informed decision for your business. Optimize efficiency and reduce costs risk-free!

Waste compacting machines are effectively utilized by businesses of all sizes across the industrial, commercial, processing, and service sectors. These companies continuously strive to optimize and enhance the efficiency of their technological processes, reduce the time and resources dedicated to waste management, improve workplace safety and efficiency, and even generate revenue from waste.

Sustaining growth and maintaining a competitive edge typically require investments—this could mean acquiring new technological lines, investing in more efficient management systems, or purchasing waste compacting machines. Such machines streamline waste management, making it faster and more cost-effective, thereby supporting overall business objectives.

Here is What Our Customers Say

Many business owners prefer to test the machines in their own facilities before making a purchase.

A free trial lets you directly assess our machine’s capabilities and see how it can benefit your operations without any initial investment.

“Time is important to us. Currently, we spend much less time managing waste.”

– M. Petersen, Seggelund Cafeteria

“The balers helped us increase the efficiency in waste collection on-site by going from 4 to 1 person.”

– M. Fontaine, Cosmeva – France

“The rate of return was less than 30 months. If all factors were included, the rate of return was less than 20 months – a no brainer.”

Rob Weinhoff, Vice President, Chicago Coding Systems

I was able to have it on trial for two weeks. I was convinced after one week”


Sjoerd van Santen, Director, Scheria

How To Get Started

Are you considering investing in a baler but unsure if it’s the right move? Test one at your company first!

A trial run will demonstrate how the baler handles your specific waste types and whether it enhances your waste management process. This is an excellent chance to explore the baler’s functionalities and assess its benefits in real-time. Based on this experience, you can make an informed decision about the purchase.


What Does a Free Trial Installation Involve?

We offer our balers for a free trial to interested customers. Simply fill out the contact form to initiate the process.

Before the trial, we will:
  • Help you select the ideal baler model for your needs.
  • Deliver and set up the machine at your specified address.
  • Provide training for your employees on safe and efficient operation.

If you decide the baler isn’t for you after the trial, you can return it with no obligations.

However, many customers find the benefits compelling enough to make a purchase or enter a rental agreement after the trial period.

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