How To Bale Plastic Waste

This article guides you through the process of baling plastic waste effectively. Learn about different types of plastics, and how to find the right baler for the job.

Reduce the Cost of Waste With a Plastic Baler

Whether it’s PET bottles, plastic film, HDPE containers or any other type of plastic, baling offers a reliable, efficient way to process your waste.

Many companies generate substantial amounts of plastic waste from shrink wrap, plastic packaging, or PET bottles, cluttering warehouses and hindering employees’ movement. Plus, transport and disposal of these waste types can prove costly.

Investing in a baler for plastic can help address these issues.

The EPA noted that the United States produced nearly 35.7 million tons of plastic in 2018. Of this, only around 29% of PET bottles and jars and 29.3% of HDPE natural bottles were recycled, according to the American Chemistry Council and the National Association for PET Container Resources.

Despite these efforts, landfills still received a staggering 27 million tons of plastic. Managing such large quantities of plastic waste poses significant challenges and can negatively impact both the environment and your company’s finances.

A Baler Can Reduce Plastic Volume by up to 90%

By choosing the right baler for shrink wrap and other plastics, you can reduce its volume by up to 90%. Plus, balers optimize time spent on waste disposal, free up valuable workspace, and reduce transportation costs.

It is also worth noting the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Bramidan balers for plastic waste. Our balers are equipped with our intelligent monitoring system, called BRA-IN, which makes it easier for you to budget the operating costs of your waste compaction equipment. The data shows that the total cost to operate Bramidan equipment is as low as possible, and thus profitable.

See Our Selection of Balers Sutiable for Variouse Types of Plastic Waste:

vertical baler

B4 Baler

Versatile and Space-Saving baler. The Ideal Solution for Plastic Foil Compaction.

Vertical baler

B5 Wide baler

A baler with extra wide opening for easy filling. Suitable for plastic foil.

Vertical baler

X10 Baler

Efficient Installation, High-Pressure Compaction: Your Go-To for Mixed Plastics.

Vertical baler

B20 Baler

A flexible baler for soft plastic like shrink wrap. A baler with an impressive throughput and short press cycle.

Vertical baler

X25 HD Baler

Streamlined Compression, Effortless Convenience:TheX25 with Optional Flap Door for PET Bottles.

Vertical baler

X25 HD Galvanized baler

A baler developed for wet environments due to a resistant surface. Optional Flap Door for easy filling of PET bottles.

Vertical baler

X4830 HD Baler

Toss your shrink wrap waste into the chamber, close it, and watch as this powerful baler compresses it into compact bales.

Vertical baler

X30 HD Baler

Expandable plastic are no problem for this high capacity baler. You will acchive an optimal compaction, no matter which material.

Vertical baler

X30 HD Galvanized baler

This stong baler with powerful cross cylinders will handle dense plastic waste types. The Galvanized surface makes the baler suitable for harsh environments.

Vertical Baler

B6030 Baler

Baler with easy loading wtih the extra wide filling opening. Suitable for plastic foil. Optional sliding door for convenient filling of the baler.

Vertical baler

X6030 LP Baler

Toss your plastic waste into the chamber, and watch as this powerful, low-profile baler effortlessly compresses it into compact bales. Designed for heavy plastic bales, this industrial-grade baler handles large volumes of material with ease.

Vertical baler

X50 HD Baler

The X50 HD baler compacts heavy-duty materials quickly and efficiently. Comes with Optional Flap Door.

Vertical baler

X50 HD Galvanized baler

This baler can be installed outdoors. Suitable for heavy-duty compaction of various plastic waste material. Optional Flap door for easy filling of PET bottles and plastic jugs.

Plastic Waste: Before & After

Balers compact many different types of plastic waste – not only soft plastic (LDPE), but also hard plastic (HDPE), PET bottles, Big-Bags and even plastic drums.

Soft plastic


PET Plastic bottles


Plastic containers


Plastic barrels




Big bags


Different Balers for Various Types of Plastic

Some of our baler models are optimized for different types of plastic waste. See the guide below.


1. Baler for Shrink Wrap (LDPE)

Shrink wrap, or plastic foil, is one of the most common types of plastics. This waste is present in almost all industrial, commercial and service sectors. It is often used to secure goods on pallets. It is a valuable and expensive secondary raw material. Its purchase price depends mainly on the purity of the waste and the quality of sorting.

If foil is a waste fraction generated by your company, a plastic baler is the optimal solution. The baler is also suitable for compacting cardboard or paper – because our machines are universal.

Depending on the amount of generated waste and individual needs, such as the weight of a bale, you can choose a baler that will provide a high compression ratio.

Recommended Machinery: B-Series or X-Series



2. Baler for PET Bottles and Plastic Containers

The disposal of PET bottles and plastic containers is one of the more serious problems faced by the food industry.

Due to their dimensions, plastic containers should be compacted in balers with a large feed opening and high press force.

Before compacting PET bottles, their lids should be unscrewed or punctured. Otherwise, the air inside will make compacting difficult. To increase the stability of the bale, place a cardboard cover at the bottom and on top of the bale.

Recommended Machinery: X-Series Balers



3. Baler for Hard Plastics (HDPE)

PVC is a type of plastic found in computers and TVs, and various accessories. To compact this type of material, you need a plastic baler with a high press force and a very tough and durable construction.

Recommended Machinery: X-Series Balers



4. Large Amount of Plastic

With large amounts of plastic waste, horizontal balers are a great solution. They ensure high efficiency and continuous operation. A large feed opening and automatic tie system allow you to easily organize and manage waste.

Recommended Machinery: Horizontal Balers


All machines meet strict safety standards and their operation is safe for the operator.

X-series Balers

Watch How Our Machines Easily Compact Plastic

Step into the world of waste management innovation with our X Series balers. Witness the power and precision as they effortlessly handle various types of plastic waste.

In the video you see how, with a press of a button, our balers swiftly compress waste into compact bales, ready for transport or recycling.

Experience firsthand how these cutting-edge machines not only reduce the volume of plastic waste but also streamline your waste management process, saving you time, money, and resources.

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