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How to Use BRA-IN: Bramidan Intelligence

Our network of solutions gives you the freedom to manage your machinery and schedule transportation digitally.

Data and communication are all about informing and enabling. They enable better decisions, and prepare us for future events based on what is happening now.

Bramidan’s 24-hour fleet monitoring database, BRA-IN, was built with this in mind – allowing you to remotely communicate and pull data from our machinery.

Our web portal pulls relevant data from the equipment

With the BRA-IN web portal, you are able to interact with your machinery and access relevant data, such as reports of usage and output.

View all of your machinery at once on a map

Organize your equipment by location, based on geographical coordinates or actual GPS.

Reduce operational costs by using data to optimize pickups

Communicate directly with your machinery to access to data about number of bales ready for pickup. This will help to optimize pickups from your hauler, ultimately reducing costs.

Customized Solutions, Built Around Your Business

BRA-IN comes in many forms, giving you the option to choose your plan.

The Webportal feature allows users to view the status of their machines, including their location, output data, and access to documentation, ensuring efficient fleet management.

The accompanying mobile app lets users remotely access baler information, receive notifications about machine performance, and even provides guidance on operating the baler and when bales are ready for collection.

Additionally, the BRA-IN system offers weight data, enabling precise tracking and analysis of bale weights. The Link feature monitors fill levels, helping to optimize capacity use and reducing the frequency of collections.

Overall, BRA-IN integrates various tools to enhance decision-making, operational costs, and environmental impact for Bramidan baler users.

Our BRA-IN web portal lets you view:


  • Location of equipment – viewable on a map
  • Status of machines – for optimized servicing
  • Real-time fill levels – for route optimization
  • Access to production data – on screen or via report

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