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xLow profile 60 inch baler installed on loading dock

Thursday, October 3, 2019

X6030 low-profile 60" baler was a perfect fit for Lake Shore Place, a downtown Chicago high-rise that was formerly the headquarters for Playboy Enterprises.

Bramidan X6030 low-profile 60 Bramidan X6030 low-profile 60" baler installed in downtown Chicago

Lake Shore Place, a downtown Chicago high-rise in the former headquarters of Playboy Enterprises, was in need of a baler that would meet their strict space restrictions - only an 8 foot clearance on the dock and 12 feet from the ground.

After a thorough site survey, our techs determined the only mill-spec baler that would fit is the Bramidan X6030 60-inch low-profile baler. The X6030 is only 93 inches tall installed and makes a 1,000 lbs. 60 inch bale.

What distinguishes the X6030 from other mill-size balers?

  • stopLow height at just 93" installed
  • stop1,000 lbs. 60" bales
  • stopLow noise levels
  • stopEasy to install
  • stopHighest safety standards
  • stopHeavy duty and high pressure
  • stopPerfect for space restricted areas

See full technical specifications of X6030 baler.

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