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xManage waste with a small stockroom baler

Friday, January 11, 2019

Fast food restaurants, hotels, and corner stores rely on a mini baler to manage and store stock room waste.

Convenience stores, bakeries, campus book stores, hotels, and small-scale manufacturing all have this in common- their stockrooms and docks are important receiving and stock areas that keep their business going. In the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, it can be exceptionally difficult to keep a stockroom clean and organized. The resulting chaos too often takes its toll on productivity and motivation.

Single Phase Balers with High Compaction Ratio
Bramidan Baler provides solutions for every need. With a line of 110V single-phase balers that can produce 100 or 250 lbs bales with high compaction ratios, the problem of delivery days is solved. At the small size, our balers can be moved with a pallet jack so when stock arrives, the baler can be moved out of the way and when the stock is unloaded, the baler can be plugged into a standard 20 amp outlet and the boxes crushed and ready for bales to be produced.

The small bales are often exchanged by haulers for credit against your trash bill or the small bales left for local recyclers to load onto their small trucks for recycling. It is a win-win for everyone.

Scrap Management
In the case of small manufacturing, many are discovering that collecting and baling scrap materials can turn a cost into cash. Reselling scrap materials, or just consolidating them can often save companies a heap of money. Small balers can be put “on the line” or easily fed with totes. This inexpensive and environmentally friendly solution is turning small enterprises into big winners.