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xMaximize space with a low profile mill size baler

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Reclaim used floor space with a low profile mill size baler. It fits perfectly under racks and scaffolding or in spaces with low ceilings.

Space is not only the final frontier, it can be expensive! If your company keeps inventory of any kind, floor and racking space come at a premium. Consider this, if you stock 2 pallets of inventory that is worth $1,000 each per month on a rack and you can gain back 2 racks by using a low profile baler, that is $4,000 in savings or gained back inventory per month. Same goes for floor space.

Only Low Profile Mill-Size Baler on the Market
To maximize your space, use a Bramidan X6030. Not only is this the only low-profile baler on the market that produces a mill-sized bale (milled sized bales are worth twice a non-mill-sized bale), but it is a great machine for multiple materials such as cardboard, stretch film, and much more. At a standing height of 93 inches, it will fit in many low ceiling spaces as well as under racks or scaffolding.

Fits Under 8 ft. Dock Door
For hospitals of other industries wanting a smaller bale, the Bramidan X25, X30 and X10 are low profile machines that will fit through an 8 foot door standing up. Go X for low profile power for your recycling needs.