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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

12/8/2023 Bramidan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May this festive season bring you and your loved one’s moments of joy and togetherness. Read more

Welcome to our new Director of National Accounts

11/9/2023 Bramidan welcomes Jackie Dargavel, Director of National Accounts to the US sales team. Read more

Stationary Compactors vs. Self-Contained Compactors: Making the Right Choice for your Business

10/24/2023 There are lots of compactors available in today's market. Let's go over the distinguishing factors between a stationary and self-contained machine, helping you find the right machinery for your business and waste needs. Read more

"Can I bale that?": 4 unusual types of waste that our machinery can handle

6/28/2023 Cardboard and plastic are the most common waste types handled by balers. But, let's explore 4 other unusual waste types that our machines compact and manage with ease. Read more

Waste Compaction in 2023: Are Balers Safe to Use?

6/21/2023 Ever wonder whether baling machines are safe? What safety features should you look for and what do they mean in practice? We break it all down for you. Read more

Managing Post-Production Waste

4/11/2022 Our balers and compactors are the perfect solution for the manufacturing industry. Read more about the ways a baler or compactor can help you manage post-production waste. Read more

Bramidan Cost Impact Notification

3/28/2022 We keep our partners informed of dynamic price impacts with the Cost Impact Notification. A portion of the latest Notice 22-Q1-001 is shown here. Read more

Baler door type significantly affects the comfort and efficiency of the baler

Baler door types: What are the differences?

1/24/2022 We consider the benefits of the various door types offered in our product range. It's worth comparing baler doors to find one that meets your unique needs? Read more

Vertical Balers vs. Horizontal Balers - Need help choosing?

11/22/2021 Both equipment types have their advantages. We explore the main differences between them to help you decide which is best for you. Read more

How does a baler fit into your end of year capital expenditures?

11/9/2021 We take an in-depth look at why an end-of-year baler or compactor purchase makes sense in the long term. Read more

We welcome the new CEO of Bramidan Group

10/13/2021 On November 15, 2021, Henrik Helsinghof will take over as the new CEO of Bramidan Group. He brings with him 15 years of national and international experience at Viking Life Saving Equipment and Skiold Landmeco. Read more

How do we use data to help optimize machinery and prepare for the future?

9/6/2021 Our balers come with BRA-IN, or Bramidan Intelligence, that allows M2B (Machine to Business) communications. This enables better decision making and prepares you for future events. Read more

Craft supply store based in Greater DFW uses baler to optimize OCC waste

8/23/2021 The online shop invested in a mill-size cardboard baler to optimize waste management, decrease expenses, and generate revenue from recycling. Read more

Marriott Maui Wailea invests in X6030 baler

8/13/2021 The premier beach resort was looking for a safe machine that is built to last in the humid island climate. They found the perfect solution - our low profile X6030 - nicknamed "Bumble Bee" by staff. Read more

When is an Auger Compactor the right choice?

7/28/2021 When you're in need of a simple solution for cardboard boxes, but an auto-tie baler is too large and a compactor is too small. Take a look at the SPN15 by PRESTO offered by Bramidan. Read more

Are bulky cardboard boxes becoming a nuisance?

6/29/2021 Do large boxes take up space in your warehouse or production facility? Invest in a baler with a wide opening. Get quick and easy filling of waste. Read more

Can you use a baler to compact plastic waste?

5/10/2021 Grocery stores, retail, warehouses and distribution centers generate large amounts of plastic waste. Find out how they use balers to optimize waste management. Read more

Small balers vs large balers

5/4/2021 Do you need a small or large baler? That depends on a few different factors. We're here to help you decide. Read more

Bramidan welcomes our new Service Support Manager

4/27/2021 We are excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Alex Gallardo. Read more

Before you invest in a baler, how about a FREE baler trial?

4/23/2021 If you are considering buying a baler for waste compaction, we offer a free trial period to test out the machine at your business. Read more

Kristian Buur receives Top 40 Under 40 Award

3/10/2021 Bramidan USA's President, Kristian Buur, has been named one of the top 40 under 40 waste industry professionals by Waste360 Magazine. Read more

Bramidan acquired by sustainability focused Zefyr Invest

1/18/2021 Zefyr Invest, an investment firm made up of local families in Denmark, has acquired Bramidan. Their initiatives are focused on environmental sustainability and investment collaboration, including with Bramidan senior members. Read more

Small baler used to compact mask filters

11/5/2020 Our small B4 baler compacts excess material from mask filters into easy-to-move bales. The baler replaced an industrial vacuum cleaner, which was used to remove air from the plastic waste. Read more

Bramidan paint factory with powder coating robot

Bramidan optimizes baler production with new powder coating facility

10/13/2020 We have invested in a more environmentally friendly painting facility in our factory. The pretreatment and robot powered powder coating significantly reduce overall production time. Read more

Auger compactor, vertical or horizontal baler for distribution centers

Waste management in distribution centers

7/8/2020 Vertical balers and horizontal balers in distribution centers are an invaluable way to streamline logistics and optimize costs associated with waste management. Read more

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