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How can a baler be used to dispose of face masks?

november 19 2020

A producer of high-quality face masks recently installed a small B4 baler to help manage their production waste. The excess waste was taking up too much space and disposal became a daily challenge.

B4 baler from Bramidan for unusual waste such as face masks

Baler replaced an industrial vacuum cleaner

International face mask producer, MB Filter Products,  was generating an excessive amount of plastic waste during the production process.

The company had previously been storing their waste in bags, which became very difficult to manage and even more difficult to stack and store. In an effort to reduce the volume of plastic waste, they used an industrial vacuum to remove air from the bags. They quickly realized that individually vacuum sealing each bag was inefficient and time consuming.

B4 baler makes small easy-to-handle bales

Our sales manager suggested the B4 baler because it works well with unusual types of waste, like plastic scraps from face masks. This machine has a high press force, and produces well-compressed bales that are easy to handle and store. As an added bonus, the baler itself takes up little space.

Since the bales are compact and light, the operator does not need to use a forklift to move around finished bales. The provided hand cart is safe and easy to use.


  • stop Oddly shaped waste - very long and narrow
  • stop Waste takes up a lot of space and is difficult to store
  • stop High volume waste expands over time

Machine Details

B4 vertical baler

Bale dimensions:
WxDxH 30" x 20" x 23.5"

Bale weight: from 70 lbs.


  • done Efficient waste disposal
  • done Less space needed for waste management and storage
  • done Small and compact bales that are easy-to-handle


Compress soft plastic scrap into lightweight bales

After installing our baling machine, the production company can now fit two bags worth of waste (33 lbs. each) into one compact bale. They regularly make two differnet types of bales: loose material that weighs approximately 70 lbs. and rolled material that weighs approximately 80 lbs.

To create a more stable plastic bale, we recommended the customer place cardboard dividers on the bottom and top of the bale. One piece of cardboard is placed inside the baler chamber before loading waste and one is placed at the top just before final compaction of the bale. The finished bales are compact and very easy to transport.

Check out the technical specifications of the B4 baler.

1. Waste stored in bags

Excess scrap from face masks stored in plastic bags then stacked.

Cut-off from filtering masks collected in bag next to Bramidan baler B4

2. Oddly shaped waste

The plastic scraps from face mask production are long and narrow.

Cut-off from filtering masks

3. Filling the baler with waste

Plastic waste is loaded into the baler chamber.

Long cut-off from filtering masks is filled into a Bramidan baler

4. Baler chamber full

The B4 baler chamber is full and ready for compaction.

Bramidan baler B4 with cut-off from filtering masks inside the chamber

5. Plastic waste compacted

The soft plastic scraps have been compressed and the finished bale is ready for automatic ejection.

Cut-off from filtering masks compacted inside Bramidan baler

6. Ready-made bale

The small plastic bale can easily be moved and stored until the next pickup.

Compact plastic bale with cut-off from filtering masks

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