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College campus installs Bramidan baler

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018

University of South Carolina uses their B4 baler to help keep the campus clean

With kids getting ready to go back to school, University of South Carolina aims to help their students, staff, and faculty create a culture of sustainability while making conservation more intuitive for everyone.

Keeping the college campus clean from the beginning of the year until the end is a challenge. To assist in their efforts, the university installed a Bramidan B4 baler for their cardboard and paper waste. Students bring their empty boxes to a designated zone to be compacted and recycled. They're then shown how to operate the baler.

Students and staff alike work together to keep the college campus clean from day one. A small act like baling cardboard shows students that keeping our environment clean can be fun and easy to do.

Collage women infront of yellow Bramidan baler.

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