News from Bramidan

Bramidan moves to new office

8/22/2019 Bramidan US is packing up and moving to a larger warehouse and office. Read more

Baler Monitoring solution from BramidanUS with pointer on screen

3rd Anniversary of BRA-IN Fleet Monitoring Solution

5/15/2019 Bramidan celebrates 3 years since the launch of our 24-hour fleet monitoring database Read more


Waste Expo 2019 - we exhibit balers for waste compaction

4/30/2019 Visit Bramidan Balers at Booth 2635 at Waste Expo in Las Vegas Read more

Baler fulfills goals of reducing waste footprint

1/23/2019 Gander Outdoors installed B6030 balers in all their new stores. They wanted optimized waste handling and high performance machines. Read more

Compact aluminum cans and plastic bottles with residual waste

1/15/2019 A galvanized baler with a donation door allows you to create high density bales of plastic bottles and aluminum cans Read more

Manage waste with a small stockroom baler

1/11/2019 Fast food restaurants, hotels, and corner stores rely on a mini baler to manage and store stock room waste. Read more

Maximize space with a low profile mill size baler

1/8/2019 Reclaim used floor space with a low profile mill size baler. It fits perfectly under racks and scaffolding or in spaces with low ceilings. Read more

Get rid of excess plastic film with a shrink wrap baler

1/4/2019 Bramidan balers are uniquely designed to handle plastic film and shrink wrap. Turn your waste into cash by baling it in a X or B series model. Read more

Banc of California Stadium now has a yellow baler

10/31/2018 Banc of California Stadium, the most expensive soccer-specific stadium to be ever built in the US, invested in a reliable 60" Bramidan baler for their cardboard. Read more

College campus installs Bramidan baler

9/12/2018 University of South Carolina uses their B4 baler to help keep the campus clean Read more

Maserati compacts waste from car components

4/4/2018 With four Bramidan balers in place, the Italian car manufacturer has cleaned up its factory floor and improved waste management handling. Read more

Balers improve hospitality at luxury hotels

3/26/2018 Rather than handling waste, staff can concentrate on ensuring top-notch hospitality. Read more

Balers help Method Home compact PET and cardboard waste

3/14/2018 Soap Factory Method Home aims towards a zero landfill goal. Two B30 Wide balers helps with efficient waste compaction. Read more