News from Bramidan

A vertical or horizontal baler for cardboard waste

5 reasons why you should use a vertical or horizontal baler for cardboard

5/13/2020 A vertical or horizontal cardboard baler can help you overcome the issues that arise with excessive cardboard waste production. Read more

We are still operating at full capacity during Covid-19

3/23/2020 At Bramidan we are continuing to supply services and machines to our customers under the changing conditions of Covid-19. Read more

X6030 baler installed at University of Texas at San Antonio

University campus installs extra secure baler

10/17/2019 The University of Texas installed a X6030 baler with a digital lockpad in their downtown campus. Read more

Bramidan X6030 low-profile 60

Low profile 60 inch baler installed on loading dock

10/3/2019 X6030 low-profile 60" baler was a perfect fit for Lake Shore Place, a downtown Chicago high-rise that was formerly the headquarters for Playboy Enterprises. Read more

Bramidan B4 baler for cardboard and plastic waste in Chicago high-rise building

Small baler installed in Chicago high-rise building

9/26/2019 High-rise metropolitan buildings generate large amounts of waste. A small vertical baler is a perfect solution to combat the overwhelming volume quickly and effectively. Read more

Compact aluminum cans and plastic bottles with residual waste

1/15/2019 A galvanized baler with a donation door allows you to create high density bales of plastic bottles and aluminum cans Read more

Manage waste with a small stockroom baler

1/11/2019 Fast food restaurants, hotels, and corner stores rely on a mini baler to manage and store stock room waste. Read more

Maximize space with a low profile mill size baler

1/8/2019 Reclaim used floor space with a low profile mill size baler. It fits perfectly under racks and scaffolding or in spaces with low ceilings. Read more

Get rid of excess plastic film with a shrink wrap baler

1/4/2019 Bramidan balers are uniquely designed to handle plastic film and shrink wrap. Turn your waste into cash by baling it in a X or B series model. Read more

Maserati compacts waste from car components

4/4/2018 With four Bramidan balers in place, the Italian car manufacturer has cleaned up its factory floor and improved waste management handling. Read more

Balers improve hospitality at luxury hotels

3/26/2018 Rather than handling waste, staff can concentrate on ensuring top-notch hospitality. Read more

Balers help Method Home compact PET and cardboard waste

3/14/2018 Soap Factory Method Home aims towards a zero landfill goal. Two B30 Wide balers helps with efficient waste compaction. Read more