Bramidan B5 Wide Replaces 4-Yard Container

Herko, an automotive parts distributor, replaced a large outside dumpster with a compact baler. Waste collections decreased from 2-3 times a week to just 1x a month.
From Challenges


  • Too much money spent on waste haulings
  • Inefficient internal logistics
  • Smaller amounts of recyclables
To Benefits


  • Minimize distance between waste source and baler
  • Reduce number of waste haulings
  • Automatic notification of hauler available
With Bramidan

Large reduction in number of pick-ups

Reduce number of waste haulings

Before the purchase of a baler, Herko Automotive Group, generated around 150-200 lbs of cardboard a day and placed it in a 4-yard dumpster located in their parking lot. This solution was both time and space consuming, but with the use of a stockroom baler, they minimized the distance from the waste source to the baler and reduced the number of pickups by the hauler.

In short, Herko’s cardboard waste was picked up 2-3 times a week, while after the installation of a baler the number of pickups – now of cardboard bales – are reduced to once every second month, when 12 bales are ready.

Herko saves time and money with a B5 Wide baler

Minimize distance between waste source and baler

Herko, a distributor of automotive parts for OEM and Aftermarket now treats their waste as an integrated part of the workflow.

The placement of a Bramidan B5 W baler close to their waste source instantly optimized their waste handling solution both from a logistic and economic point of view.

GSM modem optimizes logistics

Automatic notification of hauler available

“Our waste handling solution wasn’t optimal before we bought the baler. Our employees had to walk outside with the cardboard, which was time consuming and inefficient because we had the cardboard picked up every single week. Now, with the baler from Bramidan, the amount of pickups is reduced to once every month.” tells Nelsy Perez from Herko.

Like all other Bramidan Balers, Herko’s B5 Wide Baler has a GSM modem installed. This wireless monitoring system operates on the cell phone network, which allows Bramidan’s service department to monitor the baler at any time, and be notified if the machine is not operating correctly. The GSM solution has also been implemented in Herko’s case. Here, the system notifies Herko’s waste hauler by email, whenever 12 bales have been made and are ready for pickup.

The B5 Wide is a stockroom baler which has been constructed specifically for companies with smaller amounts of recyclables, but who still need a machine to handle bulky materials. The machine is characterized by a wide filling opening of 40 inches, which is an advantage when handling larger cardboard boxes.
Our waste handling solution wasn’t optimal before we bought the Bramidan baler.
Nelsy Perez
Account Specialist
Herko Automotive Group, Inc. specializes in the distribution of automotive parts for manufacturers and aftermarket. Herko was established in April 1988 in Miami, Florida. The company distributes parts to customers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Caribbean, South America, Europe, Middle East and Australia.

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