Bramidan Baler with wide filling opening located at Donson Machine warehouse

Use a Horizontal Baler for continous waste compaction

Do you need high productivity? Bramidan horizontal cardboard balers are built to withstand large amounts of recyclable waste. Our horizontals are the perfect solution for high volume applications, like warehouses, distribution centers, other industrial facilities. With optional add-on features like a revision door, photo eye and auto-start, our horizontal can be customized to suit your specific needs.

Flexible output
Length of cardboard bales can be adjusted to customer needs. More details - see our model CC40.

Compact solution
A very compact design of the model CC40 requires minimal floor spacing.

Keep the speed up with continous waste filling

Looking for a compact baling solution? Look no further. Although horizontal compactors are larger than your standard vertical baler, ours has the smallest footprint in the market. Our baler compactors require a minimal amount of space, meaning the baler can be installed close to the waste stream, where you need it most.

Our fully automatic horizontal balers are equipped with a user-friendly interface, allowing for simple operation. An intuitive touch screen panel allows you to easily adjust bale lengths and customize the equipment for various types of materials, such as cardboard, plastic and other recyclables. Continuous filling of waste paired with dual side loading capabilities, makes recycling quick and efficient. Just toss waste into the hopper and walk away.

Not sure if an auto-tie horizontal cardboard baler for OCC is right for your business? View technical specifications and more about our dependable baler compactor below.

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