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Waste Compaction in 2023: Are Balers Safe to Use?

23 JUNE 2023

Curious if a baler machine is safe for you and your team? Ensure your safest summer season yet with our Bramidan Baler Safety guide. 

Balers and Safety: Debunking the Myth

Concerned about the safety of baler machines? Let's set the record straight.

Contrary to popular belief, balers are not a danger to employees. In fact, in our experience in the American and European markets, balers increase safety, organization, and space optimization all at once.

The key? Choosing a reliable manufacturer and the machine that works best for you, your team, and your space. At Bramidan, our machinery is designed and manufactured to meet the highest ANSI safety standards. When operating our machines, you can expect ultra-safe operation, without compromising on comfort or efficiency.

We always recommend verifying whether the baler you're considering, even if it's not a Bramidan product, has been manufactured in compliance with the latest safety standards. Ensuring the safety of your employees is crucial. But why should you opt for certified machines? Let's explore safety standards and their significance.

1. Open Door? No Operation.

Our balers are equipped with a tamper proof door switch, ensuring that the machine cannot run with an open door. This is why you must open and close the filling door after each press cycle.

EN16500 Safety Standard man filling cardboard into Bramidan baler

2. Ultra-safe, malfunction-proof system

If for any reason the door switch malfunctions or breaks, the Bramidan control unit takes over and denies activation of the press plate. 

EN16500 Safety Standard tamper proof door switch on Bramidan baler

3. Sturdy turnbuckle for controlled opening of main door

The baler has a strong, threaded turnbuckle for safe and steady opening of the main door. This prevents the lower door from opening too fast, eliminating the risk of serious injury.

EN16500 Safety Standard spindle used for safe opening of baler door

4. Safe Operation Position

Using a two-hand ejection system, the operator is safely placed on the side of the baler when ejecting the finished bale.

EN16500 Safety Standard two-hand operation placed on side of baler

5. No risk of bale tumbling

The finished bale ejects onto the pallet in a slow and controlled movement, preventing the bale from tipping over more than 90 degrees when ejected.

EN16500 Safety Standard_ejection mechanism inside yellow Bramidan baler

6. Bale in Peace

Bramidan Balers have the lowest noise levels on the market, helping maintain the environment of your business and workspace.

EN16500 Safety Standard low noise level of Bramidan baler 59-60 dB

What are OSHA safety standards and why are they important for operator safety?

OSHA safety standards protect operators of balers and vertical presses in their workspace. The standards outline design and technical requirements for the baler, providing users with safety checkpoints at every stage of machine operation.

OSHA specifies several areas of attention: the baling chamber, the ejector mechanism, control panels, noise reduction, bale ejection area, emergency stop systems, labels and operating instructions, as well as any potential hazards that could occur to the operator.

Read more about our FAQ's here.

Balers made safe by design

Safety is our main focus when designing and producing our line of vertical balers and compactors. All of our balers meet and exceed OSHA standards, ensuring the safety of you and your team.

When you purchase one of our balers, rest assured that you're investing in the highest level of safety. Rely on vertical balers that have been crafted with decades of experience.

Trust us - we've been doing this for a while. Check it out: our company timeline

ANSI and OSHA standards for US balers

Why choose balers in accordance with ANSI and OSHA standards?

What does it mean to be in accordance with ANSI and OSHA standards? In the USA, vertical balers should be equipped with the following features and design elements:

1. Baler will NOT operate if door is open

To reduce the risk of starting the press when the door is open, our line of balers will not operate until the door is fully closed.

In the case of a baler with a manual door like the Flap Door (FD), you can only open the baler door after the end of the waste pressing cycle.

If you have a baler with a semi-automatic door (SD), the door automatically closes and opens again when the start button is pushed and the press cycle is completed.

Learn more about different door types for your baler.

Note: if anything hinders the automatic door (i.e. cardboard box or the operator's hand), the door immediately returns to its fully open position, without doing any harm.

2. Extreme Failure Prevention

While a door switch plays a crucial role in preventing the machine from operating with the door open, it's not the sole safeguard in place. In the unlikely event of the door switch malfunctioning, the control unit acts as an additional fault verifier, ensuring that the baler ceases operation and mitigates the risk of any potential injuries.

By implementing this double-check system, the likelihood of the baler press plate being activated during a machine malfunction is significantly reduced.

3. Strong turnbuckle provides full control of door opening

Bramidan balers are equipped with a strong spindle to prevent the door from opening too quickly - which could injure the operator. The threaded turnbuckle maitains steady and full control of the baler door, guaranteeing the operator's safety when operating the machine, even in limited spaces.

4. Safe ejection of the pressed bale

According to ANSI and OSHA, the speed at which the bale is ejected onto a pallet or floor must be slow and controlled.

Following these guidelines, Bramidan waste balers prevent the bale from turning more than 90 degrees when being ejected from the chamber. Resultingly, the risk of uncontrolled movement of the bale during ejection is extremely low.

5. The lowest noise levels during operation

In order to maintain the best possible working environment, our machines generate the lowest possible noise during operation. 

After all, your wokrspace deserves a comfortable, low-noise profile, without sacrificing the safety of your team.

Choose a safe waste baler!

As a manufacturer and distributor of high quality presses and balers, we make sure that our products meet several other safety standards:

  • done Protection against moving machine parts
  • done Elimination of electrical hazards
  • done Minimizing the noise level of the machine working
  • done Ergonomic design provides the operator with a comfortable working position

When you buy balers that comply with the latest standards, you can trust their role in making your workplace run smoothly, safely, and comfortably. That's what we're here for: intuitive, simple machinery to help you and your business.

Want to know more? Get to know our full line of products and choose from a wide range of modern waste compacting machines.

Ready to make some bales this summer?

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President of Bramidan US


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