Baler door types: Does it really matter?

24 jANUARY, 2022

Is it worth considering the door type when buying a baler? What types of doors are available on the market and what are the differences between them? Learn more about the benefits of each baler door type in this article.

Bramidan baler with Sliding Door for easy waste handling

Different door options – a necessity or an convenience?

Selecting a baler that is suitable for your company is not an easy task. It requires consideration of various features of the machine. You should begin by deciding what type of waste will be compacted, the waste volume, as well as the amount of energy or manpower required. At first glance, it may seem unnecessary to think about the type of baler door, as it may seem like only a question of convenience. However, this is not necessarily true.

When choosing balers for waste, various aspects should be considered, including design and user technologies. Not only the comfort of use, but also the functionality of the machine. The type of the baler door significantly affects the comfort and efficiency of the machine - especially when used in a small space.

Decipher the abbreviations - which door types are available?

The majority of our machines are equipped with a standard swing door. We also offer balers that include special doors, like the SD or FD doors. It's time to decipher the abbreviations!

FD (Flap Door)

The flap door, also called a donation door, acts as a funnel. It facilitates easy flow of waste into the baler chamber.

The following balers can also be produced with a flap door: X25, X25 Galvanized, X30, X30 Galvanized, X50 and X50 Galvanized. The PC24 HD has a flap door as standard.

SD (Sliding Door)

The SD-door is always open, which makes it easy to throw waste into the chamber at any time. The sliding door is available on the following models: B6030 SD and B7242 SD.

Standard Door

The majority of our balers are equipped with standard doors, which are hinged swing doors that open to the left. The obvious advantage of this type of door is ease-of-use and intuitive handling. This solution is ideal for standard spaces where it is not necessary to optimize the space being used.

If you are looking for other solutions that are both practical and modern – check out the FD flap door and SD sliding door.

Sliding Door (SD)

SD, Sliding Door, requires the operator to manually close the machine by pulling downwards. The door opens automatically when the press cycle is finished.

With this configuration, the door stays open, which makes it easy to toss waste into the chamber at any time.

The SD sliding door can be chosen as an option when buying models like the B6030, and B7242 SD.

B6030 SD Baler

Bramidan ballepresser B50 XL SD med glidelåge og papkasser

B7242 SD Baler

Flap Door (FD)

The flap door is a perfect solution for reducing the space occupied by the machine, and also makes it significantly easier to toss waste in the chamber. The flap door is ideal for compaction of small and loose waste, such as PET bottles, preventing them from spilling during loading, as well as after opening the chamber door.

The flap door is manually opened and closed using a small handle in the middle of the door.

Balers that can be produced with a FD flap door are: X25, X30, X50. The models PC24 HD Galvanized and the painted version PC24 HD have the flap door as standard.

Baler PC24 Galvanized HD

PC24 Galvanized HD Baler

Bramidan ballepresser X25 AD med fuldautomatisk låg

X25 FD Baler

Galvaniseret ballepresser X25 FD med vippelåge

X25 Galvanized FD Baler

Baramidan ballepresser X30 FD med vippelåge

X30 FD Baler

Galvaniseret ballepresser X30 FD med vippelåge

X30 Galvanized FD Baler

Baramidan ballepresser X50 FD med vippelåge

X50 FD Baler

Galvaniseret ballepresser X50 FD med vippelåge

X50 Galvanized FD Baler

Which baler is the best and which should you choose?

Wondering which baler for waste to choose? Not sure which type of machine will be the best solution that's suited to the specificity of your production facility, warehouse, small store, mall or distribution center? Want to know more about the types of baler doors and machines offered by our company?

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