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Chicago soap factory uses baler to meet recycling goals

Method Home works towards achieving a zero landfill goal and streamlines their waste handling with two B6030 balers from Bramidan.


  • stop No waste fragment sent to landfill
  • stop Large quantities of cardboard and PET
  • stop Unnecessary transportation of lightweight materials

Machines chosen

Vertical baler model B6030

Filling opening: 60 x 24 inch

Bale weight: 800-1,200 lbs - cardboard


  • done Sorting directly at the waste source
  • done Fewer pickups
  • done Reduced environmental footprint


Environmentally-friendly household

Although Method Home is known for their environmentally-friendly household cleaning products, their dedication to resource preservation throughout the production process is not as widely recognized. Situated in the historic Pullman neighborhood on Chicago's South side, the exterior of their soap factory, called the Soapbox, is covered in an array of brightly colored awnings that call to mind their colorful soap bottles.

The most notable features on the outside of their facility are the massive 230 ft. wind turbine and solar panels, which provide clean energy for manufacturing, bottling, and distribution. Continuing with their green business practices inside the facility, Method recently purchased two Bramidan 60" balers to support their recycling goals.

LEED-Platinum certified

Method's Soapbox holds an impressive LEED-Platinum certified status. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program. We recently spoke with Austin Simpson, Method’s Environment Health and Safety lead for the Soapbox, about the positive impact Bramidan's mill size balers have had on their Midwestern facility.

Employee from Method Home operates B30 Wide Bramidan baler

Working towards a zero landfill goal

Method’s first factory, the South Side Soapbox, aims to achieve the highest levels of sustainability. The Soapbox is the only LEED-Platinum certified facility in the industry, houses the world’s largest rooftop greenhouse, is powered by a 230 foot tall wind turbine and provides much needed local jobs in Chicago’s South Side. Along with these aspirations, Method set a goal to send zero waste to landfill. To help achieve its zero landfill goal, Method purchased two Bramidan B6030 balers. On the factory floor, Method generates large quantities of cardboard and PET bottles. Having balers on-site makes storing and transporting recyclables much more efficient.

They used to fill gaylords with waste

Prior to having balers on-site, Method filled gaylords with cardboard and PET bottles and shipped them by truck. This process was very inefficient due to the fact that they were shipping very bulky but lightweight truckloads, not to mention that as an environmentally-friendly company this was not the right way to do things.

Vertical balers streamlined their process of removing waste

The balers have proved to be a very beneficial addition to the Soapbox. Method has seen a reduction in the amount of space required for their recycling area and the balers have created a much easier plus streamlined way to move recyclables.

Disposal costs reduced after installing 60" balers

Method’s goal was, and remains, never to profit from their recycling operations. “When we were shipping practically empty trailers there were multiple trips involved, usually 2-3/week. Now we can transport the same amount of materials at a frequency of 1/week. This not only has a direct cost associated with it but also an environmental benefit due to the having less trucks on the road.”

We used to ship almost empty trailers with waste collections 2-3 times per week. Now we are able to transport the same amount of waste just once a week. This has not only reduced direct costs but it also has an environmental benefit due to less trucks on the road.

— Austin Simpson, Environmental Health and Safety Lead

Facts about:

Method Home

Method Home is a manufacturer of eco-friendly soaps and home-cleaning products. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California and their production is in Chicago, Illinois.

Logo Method Home

Logo Method Home

Facts about:

Method Home

Method Home is a manufacturer of eco-friendly soaps and home-cleaning products. Their headquarters are located in San Francisco, California and their production is in Chicago, Illinois.

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