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Is a baler safe for employees to use?

23 JUNE 2021

Curious whether a waste baler machine is safe to use? Wondering if there is any risk of injury to the operator? Which safety standards should the machine meet and what does this mean in practice?

Bramidan baler B20 and EN16500 Safety standard icon

Think balers are dangerous? Think again!

Do balers machines endanger employees? Absolutely not. This is a myth and we are here to debunk it. As long as the bailer is from a dependable manufacturer and is used properly, a baler is perfectly safe! Machinery made by Bramidan balers are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest safety standards. We guarantee comfortable, efficient, and above all, safe operation for the user when operating our modern machines.

We always suggest checking to see whether the baler you are thinking of investing in, even if it is not a Bramidan, has been made in accordance with the most current safety standards. Will it pose a threat to your employees? What are the safety standards and why should you choose certified machines?

1. If door is open, baler will not operate

Our balers are equipped with a tamper proof door switch, meaning the machine cannot run with an open door. This is why you must open and close the filling door after each press cycle.

EN16500 Safety Standard man filling cardboard into Bramidan baler

2. Double-secure safety malfunction system

If for any reason the door switch should malfunction or break, the control unit takes over as backup. By doing this, any malfunction is double-checked and activation of the press plate denied.

EN16500 Safety Standard tamper proof door switch on Bramidan baler

3. Sturdy turnbuckle for controlled opening of main door

The baler has a strong threaded turnbuckle for safe and steady opening of the main door. This prevents the lower door from opening too fast, which could cause serious injuries.

EN16500 Safety Standard spindle used for safe opening of baler door

4. Safe ejection of compacted bale

Using a two-hand ejection system, the user is safely placed on the side of the baler when ejecting the finished bale. This is a safe position with adequate clearance when the finished bale comes out of the chamber.

EN16500 Safety Standard two-hand operation placed on side of baler

5. Safe two-handed operation

You can only eject the bale by pushing two buttons at exactly the same time. This routine cannot be be tampered with (accuracy Δ t 0.5 sec).

EN16500 Safety Standard two handed operation for safe bale ejection

6. No risk of bale tumbling

The ejection speed when ejecting a finished bale onto the pallet is slow and controlled, in order to prevent the bale from tipping over more than 90 degrees when ejected.

EN16500 Safety Standard_ejection mechanism inside yellow Bramidan baler

7. The lowest possible noise level

The noise level has been reduced to the lowest possible level. Bramidan balers have the lowest noise levels on the market.

EN16500 Safety Standard low noise level of Bramidan baler 59-60 dB

What are OSHA safety standards and why are they important for operator safety?

OSHA safety standards protect operators of balers and vertical presses. The standards define stringent requirements for the design and technological solutions implemented in balers, the main goal of which is to provide users of waste balers with safety at every stage of machine operation.

The standards set by OSHA specify technological solutions for all elements of the baler, in particular: the baling chamber, the ejector mechanism, control panels, noise reduction, bale ejection area, emergency stop systems, labels and operating instructions, as well as any potential hazards that could occur to the operator.

Balers made safe by design

Safety is our main focus when designing and producing our balers. All of our balers meet and exceed the very strict ANSI and OSHA standards.

When you purchase one of our balers, you can rest assured that you're investing in the highest level of safety. You can rely on our vertical balers and feel absolutely safe while operating and compacting waste.

ANSI and OSHA standards for US balers

Why choose balers in accordance with ANSI and OSHA standards?

What does it mean in practice that a given press has been made in accordance with ANSI and OSHA standards? In accordance with requirements in the USA, vertical balers should be equipped with the following technological features and design:

1. Operation only with the baler door closed

Operation is impossible with the baler door left open. This reduces the risk of starting the press when the door is open, which could result in the operator's limbs or clothing being pinched.

In the case of a baler with a manual door like the standard door or vertical baler door (VD-door), you can only open the baler door after the end of the waste pressing cycle.

If you have a baler with an automatic baler door (AD-door), the door automatically closes and opens again when the start button is pushed and the press cycle is completed. Notice: if anything hinders the automatic door in closing, for example a cardboard box or the operator's hand, the door immediately returns to its fully open position, without doing any harm.

2. Double verification of failure

A door switch prevents the machine from operating with the door open. However, it is not the only safeguard. In case the door switch should brake, the control unit will act as an additional fault verifier and stop the baler from working and causing injuries. In this way any irregularities are double-checked, which reduces the risk of the baler press plate being activated in case of a machine malfunction.

3. Strong turnbuckle providing full control of door opening

The baler is equipped with a strong spindle that prevents the door from opening too quickly - which could injure the operator. The threaded turnbuckle takes care of maintaining steady and full control while opening the baler door, guaranteeing the operator has the highest safety levels when operating the machine.

4. Safe ejection of the pressed bale

According to ANSI and OSHA, the speed at which the bale is ejected onto a pallet or floor must be controlled and not too fast. Moreover, each Bramidan waste baler prevents the bale from turning more than 90 degrees when being ejected from the chamber. This reduces the risk of uncontrolled movement of the bale during ejection.

5. The lowest noise levels during operation

In order to maintain the best possible working environment, the machines should generate the lowest possible noise during operation. Bramidan balers have the lowest noise levels in the market. Check the individual noise level for each machine here - click on the baler you want to check. Thanks to this, we provide operators with a comfortable and friendly workplace.

Choose a safe waste baler!

As a manufacturer and distributor of high quality presses and balers, we make sure that our products meet the required safety standards. Our balers also meet the below additional standards for waste management equipment:

  • done Protection against moving machine parts
  • done Elimination of electrical hazards
  • done Minimizing the noise level of the machine working
  • done Ergonomic design providing the operator with a comfortable working position

When you buy balers that comply with the latest standards, you can be sure that they provide operators with the highest possible level of ergonomics and best working environment. It is also a guarantee of comfortable, safe, intuitive and simple operation of the baler. Do you want to know more? Get to know our fulll line of products and choose from a wide range of modern waste compacting machines.

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