How does a HG-HGS-HA-HAN mobile compactor work?

  1. Fill waste into the chamber.
  2. A horizontal press plate compacts your waste material.
  3. Continue until the machine shows full signal.
  4. Your waste collector picks up the entire unit.
  5. The empty mobile compactor is returned to its place.

Models in this range


Roll on / roll off container
Short feed opening
16-24 m3 volume

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Roll on / roll off container
Long feed opening
16-24 m3 volume

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Mini skip lift container
Long feed opening
6-12 m3 volume

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Mini skip lift container
Short feed opening
6-12 m3 volume

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Model HGS18 F

A flexible mobile compactor solution. Suitable for filling from ramp or floor level.

  • stop One compactor - flexible filling options
  • stopSize: 18 m3
  • stopFor many types of waste

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Advanced Control Unit ensures optimal operation

Our software minimizes downtime and optimal filling with lowest possible energy use. Integrated modem enables automated pick-up, remote trouble-shooting and access to BRA-IN web-portal.


Less Power Consumption


More Waste per Load


Saved Transports*

*All numbers are based on actual cases. Own conditions apply and SIM subscription is required.

The HG-HGS-HA-HAN mobile compactor is safe and easy to operate

Our equipment has the highest level of safety
Don't settle with less!

Optional Extras

Filling from inside

Connect your indoor waste accumulation directly with your outdoor compactor. Use a wall hopper as feeding channel for your waste and fill it through the wall.

Add a tipping system for seamless bin emptying

Lift and empty your bins into your compactor. The tipping system comes in integrated, stationary or movable versions.

Use guiding rails for correct mobile compactor positioning

Ensure correct positioning of your mobile compactor on your hopper with guiding rails on the ground. The compactor is always returned to its right position after emptying.

Intelligent weighing system lets you bill based on weight

Register and bill individual users for their exact amount of waste added. The compactor is installed on a weight which determines the loaded volume before compaction.

Buy or rent?

  1. Buy - you pay and own it.
  2. Rent - for a limited period.

You can always combine with service packages for easy administration.

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Service & maintenance

The right level of service is key to low operating cost over time.

We recommend that you make a service agreement to protect your investment. Contact us, we offer several service packages.

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Who uses our mobile compactors?

Many types of customers use our mobile compactors for waste handling:

Retail Stores

Webshop – Own Distribution

Distribution & Warehouse

Industry & Manufacturing

Fast Food Chains

Recycling Stations

Waste Handling Companies

Public Sector

Questions asked about mobile compactors

A waste compactor, is, as the name suggests, a machine that compacts waste. They are large and heavy-duty machines that can take mixed waste in large quantities – several tons at a time – and compress them into a smaller and more contained amounts.

The compactor consists of a press unit and a container unit. The press unit compacts the waste horizontally into the container. When the compactor is full, it is picked up by a waste collector. Depending on the material, it is then transported to a recycling station or an incineration facility.

Compactors are available in a range of sizes and varieties depending on the type of material and the amount and volume of waste the machine will be processing.

With a mobile compactor, structural changes to the site are not necessary. You simply connect the system to the local power supply and it is ready to use.

This makes the mobile compactor a flexible solution that can be integrated into any environment – even for a limited time period.

A compactor is very safe to operate. All our compactors are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards. Furthermore, all mechanical and electrical parts are placed inside the machine –out of reach for users. The control panel is placed on the outside of the machine and gives the user easy access to start the machine. An emergency stop is also placed on the control panel within fast and easy reach.

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