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Are big cardboard boxes piling up in your warehouse? It's time to take care of them!

29 June, 2021

Do your employees waste time on disposal of bulky waste? Do large-size boxes take up the space you need in your warehouse or production hall? Invest in a baler with a wide opening!

Bramidan Baler X40 Wide with wide feed opening and cardboard bale

Solutions for bulky waste

When dealing with waste in your company, you will likely have to deal with the disposal of bulky waste - especially large cardboard boxes. The process of compacting them is preceded by many time consuming activities. These activities include cutting and folding cardboard boxes so they fit into the baler's filling opening.

This is an everyday situation for many companies operating in the automotive, furniture, construction, logistics, commercial and industrial sectors.

Can this be remedied? Of course! For bulky waste, use a baler with a wide filling opening.

Looking for a more efficient way to dispose of bulky waste? Install balers with wide filling openings.

Several baler models are specifically designed to  handle large-sized waste. These machines guarantee easy disposal of small volumes of large waste, as well as high volumes of smaller waste. This means you not only achieve efficient compaction of bulky waste, but also optimize the disposal process of waste with non-standard dimensions.

These types of equipment have unique feed opening dimensions to accomodate unusual shaped waste. Our largest baler - the B6030 - is equipped with a 60 x 24 in. feed opening and can easily compact a 65 inch widescreen TV box, without folding.

These balers have at least twice the size of a regular bale chamber and produce a bale that is 2.5 times larger than other machines. Regardless of the type and size of the materials being compacted, balers are equipped with an automatic bale ejection function.

Girl puts cardboard box into Bramidan Baler B5 Wide

B5 Wide Baler

  • stop Suitable for small amounts of waste
  • stop Strap rolls placed in front allowing for baler installation close to the wall
  • stop High capacity - high performance

Feed opening: 36 x 21 in. Full technical specification

Employee fills big cardboard box into Bramidan Baler B30 Wide

B6030 Baler

  • stop Compacts large amounts of waste
  • stop Wide chamber >60 in.
  • stop Produces large mill-size cardboard bales weighing at least 1,000 lbs.

Feed opening: 60 x 24 in. Full technical specification

Girl fills wide cardboard box into Bramidan Baler X40 Wide

X6030 LP Baler

  • stop Suitable for large amounts of waste
  • stop Compacts other types of waste: PET bottles, aluminum cans, hard or soft plastics
  • stop Quiet operation - noise level similar to a printer

Feed opening: 60 x 21 in. Full technical specification

Balers (not only) for bulky cardboard waste

In addition to cardboard and shrink wrap, Bramidan's newest baler, the low profile X6030 LP with a wide opening, is also suitable for other types of waste, such as PET bottles, aluminium and steel cans, and hard plastics or EPS.

Balers for bulky waste: customized doors

Our balers can be equipped with two types of doors: our standard manual swing doors or vertical, semi-automatic doors.

The semi-automatic door (SD), like on our B6030 SD, guarantees high efficiency, speed and convenience of use. The door opens automatically, which makes filling the baler much easier. The door remains open at all times allowing operators to add waste to the chamber at any time.

The SD door only needs to be closed manually after loading and is reopened automatically.

Contact us to learn more about the different types of baler doors we offer.

Bramidan Baler B5 Wide VD with vertical door

PC24 Galvanized Baler with flap door (FD)

Bramidan Baler B30 Wide SD with sliding door for waste

B6030 SD Baler with Sliding Door

Do you have a problem with bulky waste? Find a baler that is customized to your unique needs

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