BaleWulf TWO RAM Balers


Bale Size | 30" x 60" x 48"

Motor Size | 50 HP

Gathering Ram Force | 206,000lbs

Ejection Ram Force | 140,750lbs

4560 Feed Opening | 45" x 56"

7060 Feed Opening | 70" x 56"


BaleWulf Line of Balers

A Sebright products and jwr, inc. partnership

The BaleWulf 4560 & 7060 Two Ram Models redefine industry safety, versatility, and quality.

  • stop5 YEAR/10,000 HOUR Chassis Warranty
  • stop2 YEAR/4,000 HOUR Parts & Labor
  • stop2 YEAR/4,000 HOUR All Inclusive PM Program
  • stopPack Shoe Adjusters, Saving you Time and Money
  • stopBolt In Liners to Reduce Down Time

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The BaleWulf Two Ram Baler is meticulously crafted with the end-user experience as a top priority. From the intuitive touch screen menus, to hassle-free maintenance features and tailored commodity recipes, every aspect is designed for your convenience. Our offerings include two distinct models: the 4560-2R (45" x 60" chamber) and the 7060-2R (70" x 60" chamber). Both handle diverse commodities efficiently.

Pack Shoe Adjusters

Precision Adjustments

The revolutionary aspect of the BaleWulf Two Ram Baler lies in its pioneering feature: the Pack Shoe Adjusters, an industry-first innovation. This ingenious design empowers the ram to maintain precise tolerances and enables finer adjustments, eliminating the need for shimming or lifting the ram. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also leads to significant time and cost savings.


Bolt in Liners

Easy access for minimal downtime.

An additional groundbreaking attribute of the Two Ram Baler by BaleWulf is its Bolt-in Liner system. With minimal need for welding and torch cutting, the frame floor and ram floor liners can be effortlessly replaced using basic sockets and wrenches. This advancement significantly reduces maintenance downtime, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.


Back-Lit See Through Access Panels

Tailored 2-Year / 4,000-Planned MaintaClear package

This package includes Lexan Polycarbonate rear panels with an industrial-grade LED work light, a standard feature across all BaleWulf models.

This integrated feature enables users to conduct visual inspections effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for lockout-tagout procedures.The use of lightweight Lexan panels combined with a powerful work light offers a distinct edge in streamlining routine maintenance protocols.


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