BaleWulf CLOSED DOOR Balers


Bale Size | 30" x 60" x 48"

Ram Force | 206,000lbs

Ejection Ram Force | 183,900lbs

Baler Length (4560 & 7060) | 232" & 291"

Baler Feed Opening (4560 & 7060) | 45" x 56" & 70" x 56"


BaleWulf Line of Balers

A Sebright products and jwr, inc. partnership

The BaleWulf Closed Door 4560 & 7060 usher in the next generation of closed door balers. 

  • stop5 YEAR/10,000 HOUR Chassis Warranty
  • stop2 YEAR/4,000 HOUR Parts & Labor
  • stop2 YEAR/4,000 HOUR All Inclusive PM Program
  • stopIntegrated Piercer for ultra-safe design
  • stopProgressive Shear from T1 Tool Steel

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Crafted for safety and user-friendliness, the BaleWulf Closed Door Balers solve the primary challenges that recyclers often encounter with closed-door balers. The BaleWulf x Bramidan lineup, featuring the BaleWulf Closed Door 4560 & 7060 balers, is meticulously engineered to handle an extensive range of materials. From standard applications like OCC, PET, and paper products to more demanding commodities such as roll cores, tires, and non-ferrous metals, you can expect exceptional performance.

Integrated Piercer

Fast. Safe. Revolutionary.

At the forefront of BaleWulf's innovations lies the integrated piercer, a game-changer in its own right. This revolutionary addition systematically removes wire channel obstacles from the ram face, streamlining the wire-guiding process for efficient bale tie-offs.

Maintenance becomes a breeze, thanks to the piercer's replaceable Teeth, attachable through simple bolting. Notably, the piercer drastically enhances safety by negating the necessity to access the baling chamber's top for channel clearance.


Progressive Shear

Incredibly tough design to prolong machine lifespan.

The progressive shear features T1 Tool Steel (A514) composition, known for its remarkable toughness and ability to maintain sharp cutting edges significantly better than conventional cold rolled steel shear blades.

Its progressive configuration incorporates a serrated blade with a tapered cutting edge, effectively reducing the material contact area. This innovation enhances its capability to shear a larger volume of recyclables in a single operation.


Back-Lit See Through Access Panels

Tailored 2-Year / 4,000-Planned MaintaClear package

This package includes Lexan Polycarbonate rear panels with an industrial-grade LED work light, a standard feature across all BaleWulf models.

This integrated feature enables users to conduct visual inspections effortlessly, eliminating the necessity for lockout-tagout procedures.The use of lightweight Lexan panels combined with a powerful work light offers a distinct edge in streamlining routine maintenance protocols.


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