Balers for plastic

Compact soft foil and hard plastic

There is a large variation of plastic waste that can be divided into different international classifications. Read more about the different fractions below and contact one of our consultants for advice on compressing your particular waste.

Pile of plastic waste

How much space does your plastic waste take up?

Plastic waste often contains a lot of air and take up much space in a container or in your warehouse.

Man throws plastic waste into B20 baler from Bramidan

Put your plastic waste into a baler

Plastic is an expandable material, which can make it difficult to compact. We offer strong balers for many types of plastic. Which plastic waste do you have?

Plastic bale ready for ejection from Bramidan baler

Tip out the finished plastic bale

Our plastic presses have automatic bale ejection. It is both safe and easy to tilt the finished plastic bale out. Our machines comply with the strictest EU safety rules.


  • stop Unsorted plastic waste affects the environment
  • stop Time-consuming work with unwieldy plastic
  • stop Plastic waste takes up a lot of space
  • stop High transport costs and container rental


  • done Effective handling of plastic waste
  • done Fewer container rental and emptying costs
  • done Environmentally responsible waste sorting
  • done More efficient workflows


Which waste fractions do you struggle with?

soft plastic

Soft plastic

Empty plastic bottles

Plastic bottles (PET)

Empty white plastic cans in the yard

Plastic cans

Blue plastic barrels

Plastic barrels

used and damaged computer housings for recycling

Computer cases

White big bags stacked in the yard

Big bags

Soft plastic

Soft plastic

Foil and soft plastic is found in many different products, but the majority occurs as stretched film or plastic wrapping of goods delivered on pallets. It can also be in the form of carrying bags or waste bags.

Soft plastic is a valuable material for recycling. The price of the material depends on its purity. Good sorted waste gives a higher revenue.

Bale of compacted soft plastic placed on pallet

Empty PET bottles

Plastic bottles

PET waste is well-known as bottles for soft drinks or water, but you also find PET in the shape of drinking cups or packaging for smaller foods.

Before you compact plastic bottles, they should be perforated or the capsules removed, otherwise the bottles may still contain a lot of air. Add a piece of cardboard in the top and bottom of the bale.

Bale of compacted PET bottles

Empty white plastic cans in the yard

Plastic cans

Plastic containers or high density bottles are used e.g. for food and liquid cleaners.

You should perforate such bottles or remove the capsules before compaction, otherwise the they may still contain a lot of air. Add a piece of cardboard in the bottom and top of the bale, especially when you compact smaller plastic parts.

Bale of compacted plastic cans

Blue plastic barrels

Plastic barrels

Plastic barrels are used in many different industries, such as containers for eg powder, oil, feed and other products.

These barrels can be compressed one at a time in a drum press or you can compact them into bales in our large machines from the X-series balers. We are happy to advise on the right choice.

Bale of compacted plastic drums of HDPE plastic

used and damaged computer housings for recycling

Computer cases

Computer cabinets or boxes and similar hard plastic are found in computers, televisions and accessories for these products.

Before you compact hard plastic materials, we recommend you to contact us. A baler with high press force and a very strong construction is required for these fractions. We advise on handling and achieving the best results.

Computer cases compated into a bale wrapped with film

Big bags

Big bags are used for transportation of eg wood, gravel and sand. They are also used for storing raw materials; often within off-shore and in agriculture. With the right machine you achieve a very effective compression, even though big bags are difficult to handle.

In case of recycling, we prepare the chamber for this purpose by removing the retainers to avoid damage on the bags.

We recommend these machines for plastic waste:

X10 baler for plastic

This small baler for plastic is easy to install and has a high press force. It can easily compact both PET bottles, plastic foil and other plastic fractions.

Girl fills plastic waste into Baler X10 HD from Bramidan

Easy filling of empty plastic bottles

Our PC24 HD has a flap door for easy filling and compaction of empty plastic bottles. You get a small and compact bale that only takes up little space.

Man fills yellow plastic bottles into Galvanized PC24 Heavy Duty baler

The X25 is a strong baler for plastic

Place an X25 baler for plastic at the waste source. You get better internal logistics and time saving when employees can quickly get rid of the plastic waste.

Man fills plastic waste into Baler X25 HD from Bramidan

VIDEO: Small baler for PET bottles and plastic jugs.

VIDEO: Strong and quiet balers from our X-Series

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