Balers for aluminium cans and drums

Utilize space better - compress empty aluminum cans, metal buckets and barrels

You get a lot more room for storage when you use a baler to compress light metal like food and beverage cans or a drum press for empty metal buckets from paint and oil barrels.

Heap of empty food cans

How much space do your empty cans and barrels occupy?

Empty cans and drums can take up a lot of space in the warehouse and in your yard.

Small Bramidan baler with compacted alu cans inside chamber

Compress aluminum cans and drums

We can help you find the right machine for your empty aluminum cans, paint buckets, barrels etc. Choose a galvanized baler if your waste contains residual liquids.

The finished bale is compact

You save space and transportation costs when compacting aluminum cans, metal buckets and the like. The finished bale can be stacked until pickup.


  • stop Empty aluminum cans are cumbersome and take up space
  • stop Used drums take up a lot of space in your yard
  • stop Costs for pickup and transport are high
  • stop Difficult to comply with the company's environmental policy


  • done More space in your warehouse and yard
  • done Reduced transport costs
  • done Less CO2 emissions due to fewer pickups
  • done Safe and clean working environment


Which waste type do you have?

Aluminium cans

Aluminum Cans

Empty tin cans

Tin cans

Black and red oil drums

Steel drums

Empty aluminium cans

Aluminum Cans

Empty aluminum cans can advantageously be compressed in a baler. Our X-Series balers are a good choice because of the high press force and long stroke.

To ensure the stability of the finished bale, you can put a layer of cardboard in the bottom and top of the bale. At times, wrapping the finished bale with stretch film may be a good idea.

Bale of compressed alu cans

Empty food cans


Empty cans and metal containers can be difficult to compact; therefore, you need a strong machine. The press plate must penetrate deep into the material to achieve a stable bale that can be held together; thus having a long stroke. All of the balers in our X Series have this.

Place a layer of cardboard on the bottom and top of the bale to ensure the stability of the finished bale.

Bale of compacted food cans

Red oil drums

Drums and buckets

Steel drums or metal buckets are used for oil and paint, for example. Empty steel drums often take up a lot of space. If the drums are collected in containers for disposal, this means transporting a lot of empty air.

You can instead compact drums and metal buckets in our drum press. This makes them completely flat so they can be stacked, and therefore only occupy minimal space.

Compacted oil drums placed on pallet

We recommend these balers for aluminum cans and drums:

Small baler for cans

Our PC24 HD Galvanized is a small baler that can compact aluminum cans into small compact bales.

Man fills yellow plastic bottles into Galvanized PC24 Heavy Duty baler

Push the air out of your drums

Drum press DP16 compresses both oil drums and metal buckets. Doing this cuts costs on transportation and disposal.

Woman next to Drum Press DP16 with oil drum inside chamber

Strong galvanized baler

If you have larger amounts of metal buckets and cans with residual liquids, an X30 galvanized baler will be advantageous. It has a robust surface and high press force.

Man fills PET bottles into Galvanized baler X30

VIDEO: Small baler for tins and aluminum cans

VIDEO: Strong and low noise level baler from the X series

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