Waste Management For Distribution Centers

Many large-scale distribution centers turn to a combination of machinery to help them address waste: vertical and horizontal balers, in addition to compactors.

Waste Management Strategy for Distribution Centers

With plenty of waste fractions to deal with, Distribution Centers require a special strategy to manage waste.

Vertical balers and horizontal balers have proven to be an invaluable asset for managing waste in distribution centers. The complex process is streamlined, which allows our customers to develop a comprehensive strategy for internal logistics, safety procedures, and optimized budgets for waste disposal costs.

What Are Some Common Challenges Distribution Centers Face?

One of the main problems distibution centers face is an overabundance of bulky waste, like cardboard (OCC) and plastic (shrink wrap and film). There is also the challenge of optimizing logistical and operational processes without disrupting productivity.

In many distribution centers, employees are forced to leave the building several times a day to toss dry waste into the container outside, wasting valuable time. An inconvenient side effect of opening doors frequently is heat loss and increased energy use inside the warehouse. In the colder winter months, the facility cools down by several degrees, contributing to an increase in heating costs. It can also have a negative effect on employees health.

Our sales team is dedicated to helping you find areas in your waste management program where you can effectively optimize and simplify work flow. We’ve assisted several of our customers with implementing a program that works for them. Oftentimes all that is needed is a fresh perspective and a cost effective solution – like a vertical or horizontal baler.

How Can You Improve Waste Management in Your DC?

The addition of a waste compacting machine like a vertical baler or horizontal baler can streamline logistics, significantly reduce waste volume and free up space needed for waste storage. An added benefit is a cleaner work space and safer working conditions for employees.

Distribution centers can also generate a revenue stream by recycling OCC and plastic. By installing an efficient baler that compacts dry waste into easily transportable bales, companies can increase their profits while simultaneously reucing overall costs of waste disposal. The machines also allows employees to spend time on more important tasks. Achieve optimal workflow with an easy-to-use and efficient baling machine.

All of Bramidan’s vertical balers are equipped with our intelligent remote monitoring system – BRA-IN. Our integrated software allows us to connect with your machinery to remotely troubleshoot issues, which eliminates unneccessary service visits and saves money on maintenance. Another cost effective reason to install a vertical baler is the low total cost of ownership (TCO). Significantly reduce operating costs and achieve transparency for easier budgeting. 

Which Is The Right Choice – A Vertical or Horizontal Baler?

Choosing the appropriate machine for a distribution center is not easy. For compacting smaller amounts of waste, a vertical baler is an ideal piece of equipment. Our extensive line of vertical compactors enables you to create bales of varying sizes, from just 80 lbs. up to 1,700+ lbs. They can handle several different types and sizes of cardboard and plastic waste. This has proven to be a great solution for both smaller and larger warehouses alike.

However, for large distribution centers that generate a very high volume of waste, an automatic horizontal baler might work better. This type of equipment allows you to continuously load waste for smooth operation. The adjustable bale length, low noise level, and wide opening effectively streamline more complex and demanding logistics processes.

Vertical Balers

See how our X-series vertical balers work

Horizontal balers

See how our horizontal balers work

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In order to select a baler that is suitable for your distribution center, you must first consider several key factors.

These include:

  • Waste type, volume, and size
  • Logistics and conditions in allocated area
  • Spacial restrictions where device will be installed

We encourage you to speak with a member of our sales team to help you choose a waste compactor. Our specialists offer site surveys and a thorough review of your needs to find a solution that exceeds your expectations. Contact us by filling out the contact form.

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