How to Choose a Baler Door

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of baler doors available, discuss their pros and cons, and help you select the best door type for your machinery.

Different Door Types for Different Workflows

Before choosing a door type it is it’s advisable to assess your space, waste type, and volume of material.

Although it might seem minor, the design of the baler door is crucial, affecting not just convenience, but the efficiency of use — particularly in confined spaces.

In addition to door design, evaluate the baler’s overall usability and functionality to ensure it meets you and your team’s needs.

Baler Door Types

Choose from swing, sliding, and flap doors in our inventory.
The majority of our machines are equipped with a standard swing door. We also offer balers that include special doors, like the Sliding Door (SD) or Flap Door (FD). 

Sliding Door (SD)

The Sliding Door is always open, which ensures seamless accessibility, allowing waste to be effortlessly deposited into the chamber whenever the need arises.

The sliding door is available on the following models: B6030 SD and B7242 SD.

Flap Door (FD)

The flap door, also called a donation door, acts as a funnel. It facilitates easy flow of waste into the baler chamber. 

The following balers can also be produced with a flap door: X25, X25 Galvanized, X30, X30 Galvanized, X50 and X50 Galvanized.

Standard Door

Most of our balers feature standard hinged swing doors that open to the left, offering a familiar and effortless experience for waste management.

The primary advantage of this door type is its ease of use and intuitive operation, making it an excellent choice for conventional spaces where optimizing space usage is not a concern.

With their user-friendly design, waste management becomes simpler and more streamlined.

For those seeking alternatives that combine practicality with contemporary design, consider exploring our FD flap doors and SD sliding doors.

More About the Sliding Door (SD)

Always open for waste disposal, with a manual closure.

The Sliding Door requires the operator to manually close the machine by pulling downwards. The door opens automatically when the press cycle is finished. With this configuration, the door stays open, which makes it easy to toss waste into the chamber at any time.

The SD sliding door can be chosen as an option when buying models like the B6030, and B7242 SD.

Vertical baler

B6030 Baler

  • Wide feed opening and a large chamber for easy loading of bulky waste. 
  • Optional SD door: contact our sales team for more information.

Vertical baler

B7242 SD Baler

  • Comes with very large filling opening and multiple door type options.
  • Produces bales weighing 1,400+ lbs.


More About the Flap Door (FD)

Minimize the space your machine occupies, while ensuring easy disposal.

The flap door is a perfect solution for reducing the space occupied by the machine, and also makes it significantly easier to toss waste in the chamber. 

Ideal for compaction of small and loose waste, such as PET bottles, the flap foor prevents them from spilling during loading and after opening the chamber door.

The flap door is manually opened and closed using a small handle in the middle of the door.

Balers that can be produced with a FD flap door are: X25, X30, and X50.

Not Sure Which Baler or Door Type is Best for you?

Not sure which type of machine or door type will be best suited for your operation? We’re here to help.

Our sales staff will propose the best solution for your needs, and will help guide you through several options for test trial, renting, or financing your baler.

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