How does the B4 baler work?

Time-saving and easy waste handling

  1. Fill your plastic or cardboard waste into the baler.
  2. A full-light indicator tells you when the chamber is full.
  3. Tie off and eject the finished bale.
  4. Remove the bale and store until collection.

The B4 baler is safe and easy to operate

Our equipment has the highest level of safety
Don't settle with less!

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Control panel and safe two-hand ejection

As quiet as an air conditioner

Graphics of low noise level of Bramidan balers

Connect, monitor and analyze your equipment

Make the most of your equipment with our IOT solution. We call it BRA-IN, Bramidan Intelligence. Faster and better decisions, reducing your costs of operation while minimizing your impact on the environment. Access through the BRA-IN Webportal or App*.

  • check Data collection – of fill levels, bales ready for collection, equipment errors etc.
  • check Visualization – follow performance and location of machines.
  • check Interaction – with your machines, via relevant notifications to you or service partners.

*Requires active subscription, availability may vary from country to country.

Buy or rent?

  1. Buy - you own it.
  2. Lease to own (financing) – you own it.
  3. Rent – we own it, but service is included.

Whether we own or you own, we can always customize a PM program for your needs.

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Service & maintenance

Get a customized service and maintenance plan with
your Bramidan baler.

We recommend you get a customized service plan for your baler – it will prolong the life expectancy of your machine significantly.  We offer nationwide service and build the right plan for your needs.

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Order strapping and wire

Order consumables like baling wire or strapping for your balers online. If you need help finding the right type for your machine, check our consumables overview.

Click here to ORDER strapping and baling wire

Who uses our vertical balers?

Many types of customers use our balers for compaction of waste:

They benefit from a Bramidan solution - read more

Retail store COOP employee girl unboxing groceries

Retail Stores

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Woman buying kichten appliances in electronics store

Webshop – Own Distribution

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Cardboard boxes and parcels in distribution centre

Distribution & Warehouse

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Factory Cosmeva with Bramidan baler next to assembly line

Industry & Manufacturing

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People in line buying fastfood

Fast Food Chains

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Man fills waste into compactor at recycling station

Recycling Stations

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Collection of cardboard bales at waste handling company

Waste Handling Companies

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Girls sitting in classroom with pencil and paper

Public Sector

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Questions asked about this baler

Our B-series balers can compact cardboard, paper, and dry soft plastic.

We always recommend that you consult with a member of our sales team before you start compacting other materials in the baler.

The weight and size of a finished bale depends on the size of the machine and the waste type.

Our small footprint vertical balers, like the B3 and B4 models, make smaller easy-to-handle bales. Finished bales made in one of these machines weigh between 66 - 220 lbs. for cardboard and 88 - 286 lbs. for plastic. Using a bale cart, the bales can be easily moved around your facility for storage or pickup.

Our medium size balers make a heavier bale that can be ejected and stored on a standard pallet. Finished bales weigh between 440 -772 lbs. for cardboard and 550 - 992 lbs. for plastic. Using a pallet jack or forklift, the bales can be easily transported.

Our large balers, like the B6030 and X30 HD models, make bales that are as heavy as  Large Size Balers compact bales as heavy as 825 - 1,200 lbs. for cardboard and 880 - 1,300 lbs. for plastic.
View the finished bale size dimensions of our balers under Product Specifications.

Our standard quotation is all inclusive. This means that it includes transport, installation, and staff training on how to operate a machine. Start-up strap roles are also included. We also offer telephone support if you need any help.

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