Bramidan Baler with wide filling opening located at Donson Machine warehouse

Buy a Stationary compactor
for continous waste compaction

Bramidan stationary compactor is reliable and built to last. Specifically designed for heavy-duty compaction, our dry waste compactor allows you to significantly reduce overall waste volume.

With an innovative conic screw design, our static auger compactor optimizes space and weight in the container by breaking down material as it feeds into the container. As a result, you can achieve a very high-compaction ratio. In fact, up to 60% more waste material can be compacted in an auger compactor compared to a regular compactor.

While vertical balers and horizontal balers are designed for compaction of various types of recyclables, a full enclosure compactor can handle an even broader range of waste streams. Our recycling compactor is suitable for very large volumes of cardboard, paper, plastic bottles (PET), shrink wrap, and wood pallets.

Not sure what to do with commercial and industrial waste? Our industrial compactor is the perfect solution, as it handles large volumes of dense waste materials with ease. At the same time, division of waste prevents heaping during loading.

Our garbage compactor makes garbage hauling a breeze – only the container is picked up for emptying. Seamlessly swap containers for continuous waste disposal and uninterrupted workflow, making more time for the vital operations that make your business unique.

View tech specs and find out more about our cardboard compactor below.