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Low on space? We have a baling solution for you

JUNE 10, 2020

Don't let limited space conditions hinder an investment in necessary equipment and modernization of operational processes. If you are trying to take advantage of every bit of space in your warehouse or back room, find out how our waste compaction solutions can help.

Girl compacts cardboard boxes in a small Bramidan baler model B5 Wide

Is your facility tight on space for a baler? We've got a solution for you!

Before deciding where to install a waste compactor in your business, you should consider:  

  • stop internal operating processes
  • stop the work flow of your waste stream and storage
  • stop waste handling by machine operators

The best place to install a baler for cardboard and plastic is a location within close proximity of the waste source. It should be installed where it ensures the most efficient sorting and waste compacting.

We know that adverse work conditions can limit available space for placing a baler. However, we believe there is a waste compacting solution for many businesses looking for a better alternative. A Bramidan baler can solve the problem of limited production space in factories, warehouses and back rooms.

None of our balers have external moving parts, which means they can be installed close to a wall. Staff can safely and comfortably operate despite the challenges with space. We have several solutions for placing machinery under racking as well.

Which vertical balers work best in small spaces?

Are you looking for a baler, but are limited by height and space restrictions? Consider a baler with an alternative door - we offer a few different options. The addition of a customized door can conserve valuable space and simplify waste handling. A baler with a sliding door or donation door can increase the efficiency and optimize loading, allowing for more operating space for more important tasks and saves time. This is a proven solution for narrow rooms.

Baler B5 Wide VD

B7242 baler with sliding door

Baler B20 VD

PC24 Galvanized baler with donation door

Baler X25 AD

X25 HD low profile baler

Need to place the baler against a wall? No problem...

Make use of all available space by investing in a machine with a small footprint. Many of our vertical balers can be installed against a wall or under racking. Our smaller balers are equipped with strap holders in the front of the unit, allowing you to easily tie off finished bales.

Baler B3

B3 baler

Baler B4

B4 baler

Baler B5 Wide

B5 Wide baler


Two different options for cylinders

We offer balers with either external or internal cylinders - the B-series and X-series. If you have a limited amount of space to work with, we advise you to explore our low profile options. With internal cross cylindres, the X-series vertical balers significantly reduce the overall height of the machine. The equipment can be easily installed under warehouse shelving, racks, or in a small room.

Baler X10

X10 Heavy-duty baler

Baler X25

X25 LP baler

Baler X30 LP

X30 HD low profile baler

Can I install the baler outside?

We recommend installing the unit inside, but in some cases it can be installed outside as well. If installed outdoors, it must be covered by a roof or lean-to in order to protect electrical components from the rain and snow.

If the baler will be outside during cold weather conditions, it's importnat to use a special hydraulic oil for low temperatures.

We suggest periodic inspections and yearly preventive maintenance to ensure your machinery is functioning optimally. A skilled service technician will check the oil, wear parts, hydraulics, electrical system, and provide maintenance and operational recommendations.

Solutions for small spaces

VD (Vertical Door)

SD - Sliding Door

Sliding doors maximize space and facilitate loading from two sides. It is perfect for narrow rooms

Installation close to the wall

Install up against the wall

Many of our balers can be installed up against the wall. Easily access strapping from the front of the machine.

Cross cylinders, X series

Low profile with internal cylinders

Internal cross cylinders significantly reduce the height of the machine. It smoothly fits under warehouse racks and in small rooms.

Installation of the baler outside the building

Install the baler on a covered dock

If there is not enough space in your warehouse, the baler can be placed outside. It will need a covering to protect against harmful weather conditions.

Let us help you customize a baler to fit your needs

Having trouble finding the right waste compactor to fit your needs? We offer a wide range of vertical and horizontal balers. Our sales team can advise you on the best solution for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment.

Try out a baler for FREE to see how it works in your facility.

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