How does the horizontal CC40 baler work?

Continuous filling of waste with efficient work flow.

  1. Toss your cardboard or plastic waste into the hopper.
  2. The press cycle is started by an automatic light barrier.
  3. Bales are automatically tied and pushed out of the channel.
  4. Use a pallet jack to remove the finished bales.

The CC40 horizontal baler is safe and easy to operate

Our equipment has the highest level of safety
Don't settle with less!

Icon showing US Safety standard from National Waste Recycling Association
Icon showing US Standard ANSI

CE og EN 16252 sikkerhedsstandard

Save money - update old equipment with new technology

With a BRA-IN™ Link from Bramidan you can access your equipment, new and old. This means major savings in service and transport. Please note that this requires an annual subscription with a SIM card, which is purchased separately or included in your service package.

  • stopGPS localization, incl. battery backup.
  • stopAutomatic pickup based on fill rate.
  • stopMachine failure / service warning via email notifications.
  • stopDifferentiated full message depending on the day of the week.
  • stopintelligent full-light control ensures optimal filling.

file_download Brochure - BRA-IN Link

Buy or rent?

  1. Buy - you own it.
  2. Lease to own (financing) – you own it.
  3. Rent – we own it, but service is included.

Whether we own or you own, we can always customize a PM program for your needs.

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Service & maintenance

Get a customized service and maintenance plan with
your Bramidan baler.

We recommend you get a customized service plan for your baler – it will prolong the life expectancy of your machine significantly.  We offer nationwide service and build the right plan for your needs.

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Order strapping and wire

Order consumables like baling wire or strapping for your balers online. If you need help finding the right type for your machine, check our consumables overview.

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What types of customers use our horizontal balers?

Many different customers use our horizontal balers for waste handling:

See how they benefit from a Bramidan solution

Ansat fylder chipsposer på hylderne i dagligvarebutik

Retail Stores

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Papkasser stablet på hylder i lagerhal

Distribution & Warehouse

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Papkasser på rullebånd med emballagepresser i baggrunden

Industry & Manufacturing

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Stor gul truck løfter papballe

Waste Handling Companies

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Answers to your questions about horizontal channel balers

Yes, auto tying balers can often be designed to allow for using tippers for loading the machines.  It does require a fairly high load height because of the shearing and tying mechanisms.

No, that would not be the right machine for that application.  The CC40 is designed to handle unfolded cardboard boxes and variations of soft plastic films.  We offer other machines that can handle tougher materials. 

Yes, the CC40 is one of the smallest auto-tying machines in the industry. 

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