Horizontal and vertical balers - which one should you choose? Explore the advantages of both solutions

NOVEMBER 22, 2021

Many companies have trouble managing waste. The main challenges are not only the costs associated with waste disposal, but also the need to designate a place for storage and subsequent transport. The waste solutions that resolve these are: horizontal balers and vertical balers. Find out the difference between these two types of equipment below.

Horizontal and vertical balers offered by Bramidan

Modern and up-to-date waste compression

Manufacturing plants, hotels, restaurants, warehouses and distribution centers, to name a few, generate large amounts of waste. The ideal way to reduce the volume of their waste is to compress it using modern balers.

Using this type of equipment can save a ton of money. The compacted bales have a regular shape, which facilitates maximum use of the loading space in a truck, leading to optimized transport. Their compacted form reduces the amount of space required for waste storage in a company. In addition, a number of technological features used in the machines improve daily waste handling.

With regard to their construction, the balers on the market for this purpose can be divided into:

  • stopHorizontal Channel Balers
  • stopVertical Balers

Horizontal balers

This type of baler is mainly used in larger processing and industrial plants, as well as large logistics and distribution centers. A horizontal waste baler can be used to compress paper or cardboard, as well as plastic wrap. These balers have a low, long design and a wide feed opening, which facilitates easy and continous loading into the chamber.

The most important features of horizontal balers include:

  • stopAbility to adjust working parameters in order to achieve the highest efficiency
  • stopContinuous loading
  • stopPress force ranging from 20 to 70 tons
  • stopCompaction of large-sized waste fractions
  • stopWeight of a cardboard bale from 750 lbs. to 1,300 lbs. and a plastic foil bale from 925 lbs. to 1,000 kg
  • stopMultiple loading options (conveyor belt, pneumatic, wall loading, ramp loading, tipping system)
  • stopAutomatic bale tying
  • stopChoice of color (optional, extra when ordering)

Vertical balers

You can compact numerous types of waste with these machines. If you choose a galvanized model, you can even use it for wet waste types with residuals. The galvanized balers are made of durable, corrosion-resistant materials, so they can operate in harsh environments.

The main features of Bramidan vertical balers include:

  • stopEase of operation and loading
  • stopHigh performance - depending on the model, the press force can range from 6,614 lbs. to 110,231 lbs.
  • stopVariety of models for different purposes - for baling cardboard, plastic shrink wrap, paper, PET bottles, aluminium and steel cans, hard plastics and textiles
  • stopCompact versions available, ideal for places with limited space, e.g. for placing under a storage rack
  • stopBale weight - in the smallest models 60-132 lbs. for cardboard and 80-154 lbs. for soft plastic; while largest machines offer bales from 772-1,333 lbs. for OCC and from 882 lbs. to 1,333 lbs. for plastic
  • stopChoice of color (special order any available RAL colour)
  • stopChoice of door type like SD (Sliding door), VD (Vertical Door), or FD (Flap Door)

The Bramidan range offers balers with different specifications. With regard to power supply, we offer balers with single or three-phase.

Bramidan vertical baler X25 AD baler from the X-series

X10 HD low profile baler (X series - internal cross cylinders)

Bramidan vertical baler B30 baler from the B-series

B6030 mill-size baler (B series - cylinders on top)


Which baler should you choose?

Both horizontal and vertical balers meet strict safety standards and are safe to use. You can choose many extra options for them. If not already installed from the factory, you can buy and install our BRA-IN monitoring system. A system that helps you connect, monitor and analyze your equipment. We know there are many different types of balers on the market, so you may be wondering which one will meet your needs.

Some of the questions you can ask yourself when looking for a horizontal or vertical baler are:

  • stopWhat type of waste is produced in your company and how much?
  • stopWhere will the baler be placed?
  • stopWhat is your budget?

Check out how our vertical balers work

Check out how our horizontal balers work

Choose the baler that's right for you

The question of which baler is the best choice for you, vertical or horizontal, is difficult to answer. Contact our experienced sales team today. We are here to help you choose the right machine for your company and your daily waste handling needs.

Find a reliable baler supplier!

Choosing the right baler depends on the size of your business, as well as the type and amount of waste. We offer different models of horizontal and vertical balers. Over the past 45+ years, we've developed reliable machinery with a focus on high quality, performance, and of course very high safety levels.

When placing your order for a vertical baler, you can choose between the different door types and various colors. All machines are distinguished by their dependability, high efficiency and simple and safe operation. Contact us and ask for details!

Not sure which vertical baler will work for your company? - You can test it before you buy it. You also have a choice between different financing options - you can buy or rent a baler.


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